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Apple’s recent announcement of the updated iOS4, which will power the company’s mobile devices including the upcoming iPhone 4, ignited a buzz amongst iPhone owners who were keen to download and try out the new operating system for themselves.
It appears however that iOS4 has brought little more than a few trivial updates to the older iPhone 3G model.  
Technology news website Engadget has now posted a comprehensive list of what can and can’t be accessed in iOS4 using the iPhone 3G. The list is as follows:
What can be accessed
Threaded mail
iTunes Playlist creation and editing
5x digital zoom
Users can now sort photos by albums, events, places and faces
Game Centre
Spell check has been updated
Spotlight search
What can’t be accessed
Multitasking: Although Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed that this will not be available on older iPhone models during his presentation at WWDC it is still relatively disappointing for fans of the device.
Screen lock
Home screen wallpaper
Bluetooth keyboard support
Our original article stated that the iPhone 3Gs cannot handle multitasking. This is wrong, since it's only the iPhone 3G where this is a problem. Our apologies for the mistake, and thanks for TechSmart user Michael that pointed it out. -Ed


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