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Mass Effect 3 apparently falters on PS3

According to early reports, Mass Effect 3 is as good a game was hoped for, garnering high praise from the likes of IGN which called it a “worthy conclusion to one of the finest stories told in gaming history.”

However, the PS3 version appears to be plagued by some frame rate issues as compared to its Xbox 360 counterpart, with the former dipping into the 20 fps mark, according to Eurogamer.

A side by side video comparison of the two resulted in a conclusion that the game “appeared to be better optimised for the Xbox 360, holding out closer to the target frame-rate of 30 fps”, as compared to the PS3, which apparently “often drops to 20 fps in outdoor environments and even lower during cutscenes.”  

The site notes that while “major differences between PS3 and Xbox 360 games are largely a thing of the past, this is clearly a disappointment - not just from a visual perspective, but also in terms of gameplay as the frame-rate dips impact controller response during shoot-outs to a certain extent.”

In short, multi-platform owners may wish to get their Mass Effect 3 fix on the Xbox 360 console rather than the PS3, because it appears as if this is one of 2012’s unmissable titles.  
I Am Alive receives iOS companion

The recently released I Am Alive game, launched on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, has received a welcome new companion in the form of a free iOS app.

The app, which is now available on the App Store, offers an achievement and trophy checklist, a street map of the main game alongside exclusive hints from the developers, a list of all in-game resources, with details on their effects on health and stamina, and more than 50 pieces of concept art.

Additionally, users can create their own I Am Alive themed photos and post them to Facebook or email them.

The game itself, is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which the protagonist, Adam, is on a quest to reunite with his wife and daughter, while finding his humanity challenged at every turn.

Sorcery now coming to PlayStation in May

In case, like us, you were wondering whatever happened to Sorcery, one of the PlayStation Move’s more intriguing titles, it has been revealed that the game is now slated for release stateside in May.

The game was previously given a more vague release time period of ‘autumn’ this year. Now hopefully, the wait is almost over for those who bought a PlayStation Move in anticipation of what still looks like an enchanting and potentially intriguing new title to breathe life into the Move.

Players don the robes and wand of a sorcerer’s apprentice, who finds himself having to save a mystical realm of faerie from the Nightmare Queen, after inadvertently releasing a “Universe destroying evil’.
From what we’ve seen to date though, this looks like the title we wished the Harry Potter games were, allowing players to combine spells for some interesting effects.

Uncharted 3 new DLC announced

Some good news for Uncharted 3 players - Naughty Dog has announced a new piece of downloadable content (DLC), namely the co-op Shade Survival mode, which will be hitting the PSN on the 13th of March.

The new piece of content pits players, along with their friends, against progressively more difficult waves of Djinn, of which there are eight rounds. Along with contending with the Djinn’s ability to teleport and catch fire, players will also face off against Djinn that are further fortified with extra armour and firepower.  

On it’s blog, Sony elaborated that players “will earn a considerable amount of cash by playing this mode through to completion and therefore can level up more quickly when surviving the onslaught.”

The DLC is set to cost $5.99 (R45) on its own, but is free to new and existing members of the Fortune Hunters Club.  

Hit the video below for a view of what lies ahead.


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