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HP ePrint-enabled printers now support Google Cloud Print
HP has announced that Google Cloud Print users are able to print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printers from within any Google Cloud Print supported apps via their PC or smartphone.
HP’s ePrint-enabled devices such as the OfficeJet 6500A Plus, allows users to print from virtually anywhere thanks to the printer’s assigned email address to which you can send documents.
Users simply add the unique email address of their HP ePrint-enabled Photosmart, Officejet or LaserJet Pro printer to their Google account, which will give them the ability to print easily and securely from Google apps, including Gmail for Mobile and Google Docs for Mobile, to the selected HP printer.
Founder of Java joins Google
According to cnet, the programmer who founded Java at Sun Microsystems, James Gosling, has become a Google employee. Gosling stated on his blog that he doesn’t currently know what the search giant will have him working on first, but he supposes that it will be “a bit of everything”. When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, Gosling decided against joining the company. Oracle is currently suing Google over patent and copyright infringement regarding the use of Java within its Android mobile operating system.
Pic: cnet
What’s in a name? Apparently not the key to Google’s heart.
Last year the capitol city of Kansas in the US, Topeka, changed its name to Google, Kansas for a month. It did this in an effort to boost its chances of getting selected for Google’s Fiber for Communities initiative. This program sees the search giant installing new internet connections in selected places, enabling internet speeds 100 times faster than almost everywhere else in the US, with data transfer rates of over 1 GB/s.
Google announced the city to receive this super-speedy connection to the World Wide Web this week. Unfortunately for Topeka, the honour is going to Kansas City, Kansas. According to CNN, a few other mayors of cities in the running for this program, also took to extreme measures to woo the search giant. The mayor of Sarasota, Florida, went swimming with sharks, whilst the head of Duluth, Minnesota’s government jumped into a frosty lake.


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