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Fortune favours Apple
Fortune Magazine has named Cupertino IT company Apple as the world’s most admired company of 2010. In their annual World’s Most Admired Companies survey, in which people from the business world are asked to vote for the companies they admire the most, Apple pipped search giant Google to the post. Investment firm Berkshire Hathaway was third thanks to its legendary CEO Warren Buffet’s powerful image in the business world.
Sony wants a bite out of Apple’s portable pie
According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony is working on a portable gadget that will take on Apple's iPod Touch, iPhone as well as iPad. “The Japanese electronics giant also is developing a portable device that shares characteristics of netbooks, electronic-book readers and handheld-game machines. The device is designed to compete against multifunction products such as Apple’s coming iPad tablet…,” the article reads. This PSP on steroids will benefit from Sony’s mobile gaming (PSP and PSP go) and eReader (Reader) experience..
Nvidia set for Visual Effects Oscar this year

The 82nd Academy Awards are taking place on Sunday and all three nominees for Visual Effects this year, Avatar, District 9, as well as Star Trek, had their visual effects powered by Nvidia's Quadro FX professional graphics solutions. So no matter who wins, we might be in for an “…and we also wish to thank Nvidia” shout-out in the acceptance speech.  
Soldier's Facebook update gives game away

According to CNN, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) on Wednesday revealed that they had to call off a raid after one of their soldiers posted info on it on Facebook. The soldier went so far as to include the time and venue where the operation was to take place. As it is forbidden for soldiers to divulge classified info online, the soldier was sentenced to ten days imprisonment and had his combat certificate revoked. He was also removed from his battalion as well as all combat postings. Oh well, at least he still has his Facebook friends.    
90 Million thumbs up to Windows 7
Microsoft’s chief financial officer Peter Klein announced this week that Windows 7 has passed the 90 million mark in licenses sold. “We’re humbled and excited that people are responding so positively to Windows 7 - our customers have made it the fastest selling operating system in history,” Klein stated.


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