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January isn’t even two weeks old and already there are indications that it could be a very interesting and surprising year ahead. The latest news includes apparent plans by Microsoft to enable iOS and Android users to play Xbox 360 Live games on their devices.
According to Liveside, Microsoft recently posted a job opening for a developer on its Xbox Live mobile team. The posting specifies that “experience of Windows Phone, iOS, or Android development would be a big plus.”
Even more tellingly, the posting goes on to state that the winning candidate would be able to “bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.”
According to Business Insider, a developer which has the Xbox 360 platform as its client is quoted as saying there was “no way they'll be ignoring those other mobile platforms.”
Microsoft to embrace mobile?
Recent developments further indicate that Microsoft may finally be gearing up to jump into the mobile games arena in a more dedicated way, such as the launch of its My Xbox Live app for iOS devices last December.
While the app allowed users to change their Xbox avatar on the iPad, track their achievements, access Xbox Spotlight feeds, breaking news and game tips, it did not feature game integration.
Conventional wisdom points towards Microsoft holding back Xbox 360 gaming integration for its own Windows 8 devices.
However, the trend indicates that the company rejects this narrow approach. The Redmond based giant has been increasingly venturing into catering for the popular iPad platform, with the release of its OneNote app and rumours of an impending full Microsoft Office suite for Apple’s tablet on the way.
Both Business Insider and Liveside agree that Microsoft is more likely to favour making inroads for its popular Xbox 360 gaming experiences on multiple platforms, while also competing more directly with their own Windows 8 devices.
To the point
At present though, it’s clear Microsoft needs to do something significant to make its mark on the mobile space. Games are becoming increasingly popular and profitable on Apple’s iOS devices, as demonstrated by the runaway success of titles like Infinity Blade II.



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