Three proven streamlining strategies

By Press Release 17 July 2017

Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO, details three ways businesses can trim the fat off their business and better deliver on growing customer expectations. FULL STORY >


Building the right foundation for exceptional customer experiences

By Press Release 29 June 2017

Richard Mullins, MD of MEA at Acceleration goes into unpacks how important building a solid foundation is, when trying to create an exceptional customer experience. FULL STORY >


Accelerating customer loyalty

By Press Release 22 June 2017

INOVO CEO, Wynand Smit, explains why speedy resolutions of customer complaints can help ensure their retention of service. FULL STORY >


Rise of the Customer Experience Officer

By Press Release 24 April 2017

At a time where technology is adopted to automate manually driven processes, companies need to avoid the temptation of replacing the human touch entirely. FULL STORY >


Fix pain points for smarter customer service

By Press Release 21 April 2017

In a competitive environment, your company can’t afford to keep burning customers by not providing resolution to those valuable customer interactions, says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO. FULL STORY >


The Year of CX

By Press Release 6 February 2017

Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO, explains why 2017 will be the year of Customer Experience. FULL STORY >


Swinging the balance of power: now the customer really is in charge

By Press Release 23 January 2017

Genesys Interactive Intelligence forum gives insight into how companies can improve the customer experience in today’s digital age. FULL STORY >


Putting the robots on hold at contact centres

By Press Release 6 January 2017

Efficiency can be designed, built and enhanced; it’s the goal of any IT department to optimise efficiency and boost productivity, and, increasingly, customers have come to expect that, too, notes Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO. FULL STORY >


Innovation is switching from a product focus to differentiating the customer experience finds Accenture

By Press Release 30 November 2016

With $1 Billion in revenues up for grabs, leading companies are moving beyond products to create a superior connected customer experience. FULL STORY >


Best-in-class Customer Experience practices

By Press Release 21 October 2016

Wynand Smit, CEO at INOVO, details the importance of improving Customer Experience (CX) and how it benefits business. FULL STORY >


Creating a customer centric strategy to increase conversion, customer experience and loyalty

By Press Release 13 September 2016

How can we make our customer feel important? Andre Fick, consulting director at Acceleration, explains that you should always remember that while your business must fully commit to this strategy, you... FULL STORY >


Customer experience starts with staff experience

By Staff Writer 23 June 2015

Companies seeking to improve customer experience to boost business may be overlooking a critical component in the mix: staff. FULL STORY >


Interactive Intelligence launches Customer Experience Makeover contest

By Staff Writer 11 March 2014

Contest open to contact centres worldwide for a no-charge makeover of their technologies, equipment and workplace environment. FULL STORY >

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