Microsoft gives Xbox One S console 20 February pre-order date

The slimmed down Xbox One console will be available for pre-order early next week, with the 500GB model carrying a R4 999 RRP and larger 1 TB version for R5 999 RRP.

Open beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands arrives next week

Available from 23 to 27 February, upcoming beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands will allow for up to four per group multiplayer sessions.

Year of the Mammoth will bring three expansions to Hearthstone in 2017

The Chinese may have the Year of the Rooster, but Hearthstone gamers have the Year of the Mammoth to look forward to.

Alphabet has used machine learning to improve Project Loon

The team behind Project Loon have developed a smarter way to beam down bandwidth to areas in need of it.

Apple to debut OS updates for all its platforms at WWDC 2017 on 5 June

17 February 2017

iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS. Pretty much all the OS' will be on show at WWDC this June.


Will Ferrell goes Casino Royale in trailer for The House

17 February 2017

Need to get your latest Will Ferrell (Casa de mi Padre) fix? Or Amy Poehler (A.C.O.D.) we might add. The two have teamed up for The House, as in “The House always wins”.


Trailer 2 for Hathaway’s Colossal drops

17 February 2017

The second trailer has now dropped for the new Anne Hathaway Kaiju movie. Yes, we know that doesn’t quite sound right, but if you’ve seen the first trailer for Colossal you might know this isn’t exactly your...


ZTE will introduce the Gigabit Phone at MWC this year

16 February 2017

With 5G on the horizon, ZTE is trying to get ahead of the competition.


McDonald's engineered a new straw for its Chocolate Shamrock Shake

16 February 2017

We're not sure if McDonald's is joking or serious with this one.


Apple may introduce 'function area' for new iPhone

16 February 2017

More reported elements of Apple's next iPhone have surfaced.


Thor covered in brains in part two of Team Thor

16 February 2017

Part Two of Team Thor has now been released, and it seems like Team Thor has ran into big trouble. No, not Loki, nor Hela or Ulik, rather a nemesis that is much more mundane: Rent.


Microsoft plans to reveal Project Scorpio on 11 June for E3 2017

16 February 2017

The next step in Microsoft's gaming console journey will be showcased on 11 June at midnight.


New Canon EOS 77D, 800D DSLRs and M6 mirrorless announced

15 February 2017

Looking for a midrange camera? Your options are now even greater with news of Canon’s new EOS 77D and the EOS 800D DSLRs, and the EOS M6 mirrorless.


A closer look at the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3

15 February 2017

Priced at R3 899 locally and filled to the brim with Nike's latest football boot tech, we take a closer look at the Hypervenom Phantom 3's.


Sony Xperia Ear

15 February 2017

The Japanese company's new hearable shows plenty of promise, but the Xperia Ear still feels like it's in beta, rather than a fully fledged device.


Huawei Nova

7 February 2017

A great mix of design, specifications and features, the Huawei Nova is a premium mid-range that certainly warrants a second look.


Fitbit Charge 2

2 February 2017

The Charge 2 from Fitbit is, as you might have guessed, a second generation fitness tracker, bringing with it a larger display as well as heart rate monitoring.


Meizu Pro 6: 4 Things you need to know

25 January 2017

New to South Africa, Meizu makes a strong first impression with the Pro 6.


Samsung 55” Quantum Dot SUHD TV KS9500 Series 9

23 January 2017

Does Samsung's 55" Quantum Dot Series 9 TV take viewing to another level, and can it convince a curved-TV naysayer that curves really offer a superior experience?

movie reviews

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

15 December 2016

The Star Wars franchise has a chequered past when it comes to prequels, but Rogue One is welcome addition to the lineup, with action, storyline and lore making for a great mix.

notebook and tablet pcs

Lenovo Yoga 510

14 December 2016

A premium notebook that can strike a number of different poses, the Yoga 510 is as good in the office as it is in the home.


Puma Speed 500 Ignite Running Shoes

9 December 2016

It’s a fine balancing act to trim the excess weight off a running shoe without losing much needed support. At 260 g, the Speed 500 Ignite gets it right – if you are running 21 km and below.


Sony Xperia X compact

6 December 2016

Despite sporting a great camera and solid processor, the Xperia X compact from Sony has lost the crucial element that made its smaller flagship predecessors so enticing.


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1

2 December 2016

At R5 000, the BeoPlay A1 from Bang & Olufsen is pricey for a portable speaker. Its premium design and acoustic range, however, makes it difficult to match.

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