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Canon Series: Essential Equipment - Tim Moolman

Tim Moolman has captured amongst others, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and the amazing Tony Hawk. We talked to him about the gear he always carries around, and a couple of cost-effective tricks he might know of.

Q&A, Dr. Danie Smit, SAP Skills for Africa

Heading up SAP's Skills for Africa initiative, we speak to Dr. Danie Smit on how the program has developed over the past two years, and what its...

Canon Series: Just Pick One! The favourite lens in my bag - Quintin Mills

If you had to pick one lens to shoot with, which one would it be? Commercial, food and wedding photographer, Quintin Mills selects his best.

Guerrilla Games dissects Horizon: Zero Dawn E3 trailer in interview

After impressing at E3 a few weeks ago with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games talk viewers through its trailer for this PS4-exclusive title.

Casio reportedly working on smartwatches

3 July 2015

According to sources at The Wall Street Journal, Casio is aiming to design a smartwatch of its own.


US-based MegaBots Inc. challenges its Japanese rivals to a robot duel

3 July 2015

If you've designed a massive robot, you need to prove it's the best, and that's what US-based manufacturers MegaBots Inc. has done, challenging its Japanese rivals to a duel.


Creator of Scott Pilgrim working on new comic named Snotgirl

3 July 2015

Announced at a press conference at Image Expo, Scott Pilgrim's creator is working on new comic titled Snotgirl. Expect lots of mucus.


Innovation Series: The Leader leading Innovation

3 July 2015

Good innovation is driven forward by good leaders. Here are six trademarks of good innovation leaders.


Canon Series: The New Gear - Andrew Beck

3 July 2015

After recent travels that took him to Kenya and Botswana, we finally managed to catch up with wildlife photographer, Andrew Beck. We asked him about his experience with some hot new gear.


Winter is Coming, and so is GeekFest 2015 this weekend

3 July 2015

The dead of winter may be fast approaching, but this weekend's GeekFest 2015 might just be the thing to stock up your geek-larder, to see you through the months ahead.


Huawei ups the stakes with local launch of P8 smartphone

3 July 2015

With the type of product launch we're used to see coming from Samsung, Huawei launched the P8 smartphone locally, at a huge event held at the Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead.


Canon Series: My Best Shot - Tim Moolman

1 July 2015

In our ongoing series about the stories behind professional photographers’ favourite photos, we talk to Tim Moolman. Tim has captured amongst others, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and the amazing Tony Hawk. He takes...


Asus announces the Strix GTX 980 Ti gaming card

1 July 2015

Arriving later this month, Asus has announced its latest gaming card, the Strix GTX 980 Ti. Delivering 30% cooler temperatures and running three times quieter than the reference card.


Innovation Series: The NB Innovation Strategy

30 June 2015

A previous article in the TechSmart Innovation Series talked about practical actions to create an innovation ‘engine’ for your organisation. Today we will be looking at the planning orientated part ─ innovation...


Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

30 June 2015

Much like a Swiss Army knife, the new Xperia M4 Aqua from Sony proves useful in a variety of scenarios, all while ticking the boxes needed for a mid-range smartphone.


BlackBerry Leap

26 June 2015

Curiously billed as a device for "Startups", the Leap sits neatly between entry level and flagship status, and performs well as one of BlackBerry's best all round smartphones.


Microsoft Lumia 640 XL (Dual SIM LTE)

24 June 2015

The 640 XL is the third Lumia phablet we've put to the test, and much like its predecessors it performs ably, distilling things down to the essentials for mid-range users.


Alcatel Onetouch Fire E

23 June 2015

One of the first Firefox OS devices to land in SA, Alcatel's Onetouch Fire E delivers all the basics of a smartphone experience in a surprisingly well constructed entry-level offering.

car reviews

Opel Adam Jam 1.0 EcoFlex

19 June 2015

R350 000 doesn’t buy you a heck of a lot of car, but strangely R215 000 can get you almost all you need. An entry level executive hatch is like an empty shopping cart wanting for options, so why then are small...

digital cams and camcoders

Samsung NX1

15 June 2015

If there’s something to say about Samsung and its camera range, it’s that they take improvement seriously. That’s why it’s not too difficult to note that the NX1 is the best camera Samsung has made to date.


Razer Nabu X

9 June 2015

When is a wallet friendly price tag enough? In the case of Razer's first venture into wearables, the Nabu X, it papers over a few cracks in this smartband's functionality.

notebook and tablet pcs

Acer V11 Touch notebook

29 May 2015

It has been quite some time since a small, attractive and appealing 11.6” notebook has arrived on the review desk, fortunately the Acer V11 Touch is all of these.


Quick Review - Samsung Gear Circle

28 May 2015

The first impression of the Gear Circle is that it certainly lives up to its name, as the modern in-ear headphones form a perfect circle when looped around one’s neck.

notebook and tablet pcs

HP Spectre x360

26 May 2015

The Spectre x360 notebook is not just a head turner, it's also a winner on many other fronts as well.

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