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Oclean X Ultra Digital Sonic Toothbrush

By Mike Joubert 1 March 2024


It’s not often that your toothbrush talks, but we are in the age of AI and all things smart, so anything is indeed possible. Oclean’s X Ultra Digital Sonic toothbrush will tell you to switch areas or admonish you when you’re brushing too fast or with too much pressure, doing so through bone-conduction technology. FULL STORY >


Internet Trends for 2010

By Martin van Dyk 11 January 2010

2010 will be a very interesting year in the ISP arena with the issue of pricing, the World Cup and the potential for greater fixed line competition all looming large. FULL STORY >



By Lance Terner 7 September 2009

A guide to setting up your own VPN. Web resources and services that will ensure you keep your data private on public networks. FULL STORY >


Wikimedia Wikipedia WikiThis WikiThat

By Lance Terner 3 August 2009

?ǣImagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge???. This is the bold mission of ??Wikimedia, and it is also the driving thought behind user generated content or media. FULL STORY >


Reduce your spam

By Lance Terner 25 June 2009

Is it possible to stop spam entirely? Probably not, but with some handy online software you can reduce it. FULL STORY >


Home desktop searching

By Lance Terner 4 June 2009

Today a very big proportion of the information we deal with is computerised, with most of it sitting somewhere on your computer???s hard drive. The very real problem is that it???s becoming extremely difficult to keep track of the documents, files, pictures and music we... FULL STORY >


New ways to do old things

By Lance Terner 12 May 2009

The path to finding smarter, more efficient ways to do things lead me to some fascinating sites. The extensive resources and tools that I found dealt primarily with good-to-know information, inspiring ideas and handy tips for those who are looking to make the routine... FULL STORY >


Publish personal webpages

By Lance Terner 1 April 2009

Getting a personal webpage up on the Internet is not as difficult as it may seem. There are lots of different types of webpage editors freely available. FULL STORY >


Stop Drowning in Email

By Lance Terner 9 March 2009

Supposedly email can help you manage your time better, and in that regard being an efficient email user is now ?becoming an essential professional skill. FULL STORY >


Create your own Personal Start Pages

By Lance Terner 3 February 2009

Personalised start pages are a rapidly growing, and somewhat competitive web phenomenon. The advent of Web 2.0 brought with it a lot of promise in terms of web ?ǣinteractiveness??? (if that???s even a real word), and personal start pages are now starting to... FULL STORY >


The best bandwidth for 2009

By Lance Terner 7 January 2009

With so many different ISPs in the market it can sometimes be a bit tricky comparing apples with apples when often, what you think are apples are actually oranges, or sometimes worse, rotten apples. The most important thing to understand about broadband, specifically... FULL STORY >

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