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Comics: The Good New Stuff

By Moray Rhoda 9 February 2015


Comic book guru, Moray Rhoda picks the best and most accessible comics launched in the past few months. FULL STORY >


Must read current SA comic books

By Moray Rhoda 7 April 2014

Comic book guru Moray Rhoda takes us through the current crop of local SA comics. Read it or miss out! FULL STORY >


TOP 3 Comics of 2013

By Staff Writer 3 December 2013

Fantasy buffs, the superhero set, and kids/grownup kids all have something to snack on in comic book guru, Moray Rhoda's Top 3 Comics of 2013 selection. FULL STORY >


3 Comics that need their own movies

By Staff Writer 7 November 2013

It seems like every second movie emanating from Hollywood is based on comics these days. But what is the good stuff that the box-office is missing? Connoisseur of comic books, Moray Rhoda, investigates. FULL STORY >


Top 3 Must-Read South African Comics

By Staff Writer 3 October 2013

Comic book connoisseur and Open Book Comics Fest coordinator, Moray Rhoda, gives the reasons why these three SA comic books are must-read stuff. FULL STORY >


Everything i

By Staff Writer 5 February 2010

We all have at least one Apple product we could use better. Guy HartDavis teaches you everything you need to know about the iPod, iPhone and iTunes. FULL STORY >


CompTIA A Complete Study Guide

By Staff Writer 11 January 2010

If you are preparing for your A certification then CompTIA A Complete Study Guide by Quentin Docter, Emmett Dulaney and Toby Skandier, makes for essential reading. FULL STORY >


The Future of the Internet

By Thomas McKinnon 2 December 2009

The internet as we know it open, free and unchecked is in peril, so claims Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance at Oxford University. FULL STORY >


The Pirates Dilemma and Dummies

By Mike Joubert 4 November 2009

We take a look at Matt Mason\'s The Pirate\'s Dilemma and two Dummies books, including Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Linux 9th Edition for Dummies, this November. FULL STORY >


Books on Windows 7

By Mike Joubert 12 October 2009

Windows 7 Plain & Simple, Windows 7 For Dummies and Windows 7 In Easy Steps are just a few books already available that explore Microsoft\'s latest operating system. FULL STORY >


Security Monitoring

By Thomas McKinnon 3 July 2009

Security Monitoring- Managing Risks, written by network security experts from Cisco Systems, is a must read of anyone managing a business network. FULL STORY >

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