Tips for protecting your Kids from security threats as they go Back-to-School

By Staff Writer 10 September 2020

With back to school now imminent and entailing home schooling, Check Point offers key tips for students, parents and schools to stay cybersafe. FULL STORY >


Mine a million: Kaspersky Lab identifies sophisticated hacker group earning millions through mining malware

By Press Release 5 March 2018

According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, cybercriminals have started using sophisticated infection methods and techniques borrowed from targeted attacks in order to install mining software... FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab helps uncover vulnerabilities that make gas stations easy prey for hackers

By Press Release 7 February 2018

Kaspersky Lab researchers have helped uncover a number of unknown vulnerabilities that have left gas stations around the world exposed to remote takeover, often for years. FULL STORY >


Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck loses $400 million due to hackers

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 29 January 2018

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange confirms that hackers stole $400 million in a recent security breach. FULL STORY >


Dating with Hackers: users of the world’s most popular apps face serious security risks

By Press Release 1 November 2017

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a range of vulnerabilities contained in popular dating apps which have the potential to result in various negative consequences for users. FULL STORY >


HBO playing hard ball as hackers leak more show episodes

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 August 2017

Hackers continue to leak HBO episodes as the US network refuses to pay up. FULL STORY >


HBO may have placed $250k bug bounty payment for hackers

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 11 August 2017

It appears as if HBO is trying to negotiate with hackers and ensure more show episodes don't get leaked. FULL STORY >


Car Hacking: Your future car is next

By Staff Writer 3 October 2013

Hacking vehicles is now no longer relegated to the fictional domain of movies and TV series. FULL STORY >


Hackers strike Nintendo

By Johan Keyter 6 June 2011

Nintendo on Sunday confirmed that hackers had infiltrated one of its US servers, but stated that the attack was minor. FULL STORY >


The PlayStation Store is back

By Johan Keyter 2 June 2011

Sony finally relaunches its PlayStation Store, enabling gamers to once again access exlusive PS3 content through the virtual marketplace. FULL STORY >


PSN comes back from the dead

By Johan Keyter 16 May 2011

Sony starts restoring its PlayStation Network services around the globe, with services going online region by region. FULL STORY >


PSN to remain down in coming days

By Johan Keyter 11 May 2011

Sony's PlayStation Network and SOE services remain offline as the company scrambles to patch a number of security holes. FULL STORY >


Sony promises free games for PSN users

By Johan Keyter 9 May 2011

As Sony's PlayStation Network remained down over the weekend, the company promises two free games to help compensate disgruntled users. FULL STORY >


Malware targeting cars next

By Johan Keyter 16 March 2011

New research shows that it's possible to gain access to a car's computer systems simply by playing a malicious music file. FULL STORY >

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