Canon Series: The New Gear – Clinton Lubbe

By Staff Writer 31 August 2015

We asked commercial photographer, and now also cinematographer, Clinton Lubbe, about any new gear that has left a good impression. FULL STORY >


BPHSs: A professional cybercriminal’s perfect hideout

By Staff Writer 31 August 2015

A new research paper from the threat research team at Trend Micro has taken a closer look at a part of the cybercriminal underground that you have probably never crossed your mind - Bulletproof Hosting Services (BPHSs). FULL STORY >


Mobile Games worth your time - Blades of Brim

By Ryan Noik 26 August 2015

One genre that has figuratively run away with our heart and stolen a fair share of our time is the endless runner, and amongst these, swinging a huge sword has been SYBO’s Brim. FULL STORY >


Data kidnapping: The new way for cybercriminals to get your money

By Staff Writer 21 August 2015

In April Trend Micro released a research paper about sextortion - the means through which cybercriminals obtain compromising personal images or videos of Internet users - which they then hold hostage until their demands have been... FULL STORY >


SAP Africa bolsters leadership team

By Staff Writer 24 July 2015

SAP Africa today announced that after seven years of successfully leading and growing the Africa business, current CEO, Pfungwa Serima, has been promoted to the role Chairman of SAP Africa. FULL STORY >


Five ways SME’s can protect themselves from cybercrime this tax season

By Staff Writer 14 July 2015

In a recent uptick in tax identity fraud, criminals have been targeting the HR departments of various companies in order to file fraudulent tax returns, says Carey van Vlaanderen CEO of ESET Southern Africa. FULL STORY >


Scientists using crowdfunding to secure black rhino DNA

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 July 2015

The black rhino is endangered species, and scientists are struggling to cope with their dwindling numbers. To that end, they are using crowdfunding to sequence its genome. FULL STORY >


Creator of Scott Pilgrim working on new comic named Snotgirl

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 3 July 2015

Announced at a press conference at Image Expo, Scott Pilgrim's creator is working on new comic titled Snotgirl. Expect lots of mucus. FULL STORY >


A cybersecurity survival guide for small businesses

By Staff Writer 17 June 2015

Carey van Vlaanderen of ESET offers advice on what precautions small businesses should be taking to protect themselves and keep vital data from falling into the wrong hands FULL STORY >


Blades of Brim races onto iOS

By Ryan Noik 5 June 2015

Here is another endless runner you are definitely going to want to pick up from SYBO, the creators of Subway Surfers: Blades of Brim. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab launches One dollar lesson to educate users on banking cybercrime

By Staff Writer 14 May 2015

In an effort to make the very real threats of banking cybercrime easier to understand, Kaspersky Lab has launched its One dollar lesson modules for online users. FULL STORY >


Ransomware: Don’t pay the cybercriminals says ESET

By Staff Writer 13 May 2015

ESET offers tips on how you can keep your computer protected and avoid supporting cybercrime activities. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab shines light on recently discovered CozyDuke threat

By Staff Writer 12 May 2015

After uncovering the now-named CozyDuke threat in April this year, Kaspersky Lab offers a bit more insight into how this "Office Monkey" threat can be mitigated. FULL STORY >


Microsoft and Prima Interactive slash price of Xbox One

By Ryan Noik 28 April 2015

Microsoft and Prima Interactive have announced two price cuts on the Xbox One for the upcoming public holiday. FULL STORY >


Valve allowing modders to sell creations via Steam Workshop

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 24 April 2015

Good news for gaming modders, as Valve will allow the selling of modding work on its Steam Workshop, with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being the first to join. FULL STORY >

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