Don’t get caught short when you’re calculating employees’ leave pay

By Press Release 9 November 2016

In 2003, the Minister of Labour issued a schedule to clarify the requirements of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) for the correct calculation of leave pay, notice pay and severance pay. Some 13 years later,... FULL STORY >


Water restrictions: How you can save water as a small business owner

By Press Release 3 November 2016

As most are aware, our country is currently undergoing a major water crisis which is affecting businesses and people in general. Anton van Heerden, executive VP Africa and Middle East at Sage, says the challenge is for small... FULL STORY >


How to tax cellphones in the workplace

By Press Release 19 September 2016

South African businesses depend on mobile phones, computers and telecom services to keep their businesses running smoothly. This reality brings with it a range of implications for payroll calculations as well as the employee’s take-home pay, says Rob... FULL STORY >


Payroll fraud: How to find it and fight it

By Staff Writer 18 May 2016

Payroll fraud is more endemic than many business owners realise. Here, Sage HR & Payroll's Yolande Schoültz offers advice on how businesses can better identify fraud. FULL STORY >


Awaiting your year-end bonus? By no means are companies obliged to pay

By Press Release 10 December 2015

A surprisingly high number of employees believe that they are entitled to a year-end-bonus FULL STORY >


Payroll snags to watch out for over the festive season

By Press Release 2 December 2015

The festive season is nearly here. Here are a few tips that will help you to get ready for the last payroll of the year and the big holiday shutdown. FULL STORY >


It takes more than money to make a happy workforce

By Press Release 11 November 2015

If your employees enjoy high levels of job satisfaction, you’ll have a competitive edge in the market. FULL STORY >


Everything you need to know about a restraint of trade agreement

By Press Release 30 October 2015

When you’ve found a dream job, it can be disconcerting when your new employer presents you with a restraint of trade agreement as part of the terms and conditions of your employment FULL STORY >


Is your business ready for the employee of the future?

By Press Release 12 October 2015

South Africa, like many developing nations, is a young country. People younger than 35 years old make up about 66% of the total population and around half of our people are aged under 25 FULL STORY >


Taking the sting out of the tax payment on your bonus

By Staff Writer 29 September 2015

We’re nearing the end of the year with its annual rituals of radio ads for festive season shopping, Boney M in the shopping malls and, of course, fretting about whether you’ll get an end-of-year bonus FULL STORY >


Payroll in the cloud: a rising trend

By Staff Writer 16 September 2015

More than a third of respondents to the ITWeb HR & Payroll Survey 2015 have adopted a cloud-based payroll and human resources (HR) software solution, indicating many local organisations are embracing the flexibility that the cloud brings to their... FULL STORY >


Evaluating the success of the Employment Tax Incentive

By Staff Writer 14 September 2015

Now that we’re just over halfway through the current legal life of the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI), it is opportune to consider whether the legislation has met its goal of creating new jobs for young people. FULL STORY >


Income Protection Policies – clarifying the consequences to the tax treatment

By Staff Writer 16 July 2015

As of the latest tax year (starting 1 March 2015), companies are still struggling to come to grips with the consequences of the changes to the rules in respect of premiums paid to income protection policies for... FULL STORY >


Sage HR & Payroll tackles youth unemployment with work readiness programme

By Staff Writer 10 July 2015

Sage HR & Payroll’s work readiness programme helps Grade 10 to 12 scholars from underprivileged areas to prepare themselves for life after school. Some 45 youth - learners from Louis Botha Children's Home, Jafta... FULL STORY >


7 ways to lose your most valuable talent and hurt your company’s competitiveness

By Staff Writer 5 June 2015

Recruiting the right people is difficult in a market where many important commercial, technical and management skills are in short supply. Keeping employees once you’ve recruited them can be even harder. FULL STORY >

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