WoW subscription milestone reached

By Hanleigh Daniels 8 October 2010

World of Warcraft reaffirms its title as the world's most popular MMORPG game with the announcement of its latest global subscriber base milestone. FULL STORY >


New Captain America game announced

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 October 2010

Sega will be bringing Captain America: Super Soldier, taking place during World War 2, to a number of consoles next year. FULL STORY >


Duke Nukem Forever demo

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 October 2010

2K Games has added an incentive for gamers to buy Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, by offering early access to a demo of the new Duke Nukem title. FULL STORY >


World of Warcraft Cataclysm gets dated

By Hanleigh Daniels 5 October 2010

The release date for the highly anticipated third expansion for World of Warcraft has been revealed. FULL STORY >


EyePet Move Edition

By Hanleigh Daniels 29 September 2010

Sony moves motion-based gaming into the virtual pet world with EyePet: Move Edition. FULL STORY >


Planet Michael game on the way

By Hanleigh Daniels 23 September 2010

A new MMORPG has been unveiled wherein Michael Jackson won't only be the King of Pop, but also the virtual ruler of his avatar army of fans. FULL STORY >


Activision Blizzard joins game law alliance

By Hanleigh Daniels 22 September 2010

Activision Blizzard has joined an alliance seeking to prevent a US law being enacted that would make it illegal to sell or rent certain games to under 18s. FULL STORY >


Microsoft Kinect sales expectations

By Hanleigh Daniels 20 September 2010

Microsoft is expecting its motion-based gaming system to be a huge sales success right from the start. FULL STORY >


Tomb Raider going open world

By Johan Keyter 20 September 2010

The next installment in the Tomb Raider saga is taking the adventure into the realm of open world games. FULL STORY >


PlayStation Move

By Hanleigh Daniels 16 September 2010

We spend some quality time with Sony's PlayStation Move motion-based gaming system in order to see if it can live up to the hype it has been generating. FULL STORY >


2K announces Top Spin 4

By Hanleigh Daniels 8 September 2010

Tennis fans will once again take to the virtual grass and clay courts in the latest title in the Top Spin tennis series. FULL STORY >


Dungeon Siege 3 gets gameplay trailer

By Johan Keyter 6 September 2010

Square Enix treats gamers to the first gameplay trailer of upcoming roleplaying game, Dungeon Siege 3. FULL STORY >


Oddworld series set to return

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 September 2010

The first game to spawn from the collaboration between Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants has been unveiled. FULL STORY >


A month of Starcaft II

By Johan Keyter 2 September 2010

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty launched a little over a month ago, we take a look back at all the Starcraft fueled news and announcements that have followed this epic game. FULL STORY >


Madden NFL 11

By Johan Keyter 1 September 2010

Madden NFL 11 puts the pigskin in your hands as you go up against the toughest teams the NFL has to offer. FULL STORY >

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