Hybrid work security: A zero trust model to protect the future workplace

By Staff Writer 16 August 2022

Though remote work and the hybrid working model have proven beneficial for employee well-being, inclusion and productivity, there have also been pitfalls – most notably on the security front. FULL STORY >


How is hybrid work really working out in South African workspaces?

By Staff Writer 7 June 2022

As organisations, business leaders and employees grapple with new norms, processes and ways of collaborating, Maggie Weber, Design Director at Tétris Design and Build South Africa, says it’s time to move beyond the hype of... FULL STORY >


Hybrid workforce: Closing the gap between customer expectations and delivery

By Industry Contributor 26 May 2022

There are key considerations that companies should adhere to, to ensure that they are meeting customers’ needs when opting for a hybrid workforce as the customer experience impacts all areas of business. Paula... FULL STORY >


The move into hybrid: why we need to rethink the meeting room

By Industry Contributor 24 May 2022

As the great reshuffle rumbles on, reviewing office tech is key, says Sujit Menon, the Display & Client Peripherals Lead at Dell Technologies. FULL STORY >


Cisco on securing your hybrid working model

By Staff Writer 8 April 2022

Flexible working hours and geographies are here to stay. For companies embracing the hybrid working model it comes with the imperative to ensure safe, secure access for all employees wherever they are, while also ensuring a user-friendly environment... FULL STORY >


Lenovo and Microsoft explain why remote collaboration and hybrid work are our new normal

By Ryan Noik 30 March 2022

Lenovo recently debuted its new ThinkSmart Collaboration Solutions to help organisations embrace hybrid working models. FULL STORY >


How hybrid work is pushing to end passwords

By Staff Writer 2 December 2021

A new report published today from Cisco’s Duo Security, the multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure access solution, confirms that enterprises are taking steps to move away from passwords and adopting low-friction authentication methods to... FULL STORY >


Why hybrid work is the next great disruption, and how to prepare for it

By Staff Writer 2 December 2021

At the Microsoft 365 Summit South Africa: The Future of Hybrid Work Summit held this week, leaders addressed what has become the elephant in the room: how do we adopt hybrid work, with a view to maintaining and... FULL STORY >


Understanding and Empathising with Generation Remote

By Industry Contributor 25 November 2021

With the world of work rapidly shifting towards a hybrid work model, it is important to consider how our evolving work systems can effect a generation of young people who have yet to step onto corporate grounds. Matthew McKay, from Citrix,... FULL STORY >


Navigating a hybrid work environment – how can businesses remain secure?

By Industry Contributor 18 November 2021

By Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security at Canon for Europe, Middle East and Africa FULL STORY >


South African businesses losing money needlessly due to risk taking

By Staff Writer 16 November 2021

Iron Mountain's latest survey dishes up disturbing results, and proof that business's risk management requires a rethink as human nature is leading to increased risks in the hybrid workplace. FULL STORY >


Talking Heads - the art of effective remote working management

By Press Release 11 November 2021

By Steven Pieterse - Main Maniac and Tech Geek at Metisware FULL STORY >


Simpli Connect: Exploring SMEs and the hybrid workforce

By Staff Writer 2 November 2021

Alongside its second episode of the Simpli ConnectED Podcast Series, Farhad Suleman, Mohammed Manjra from Zoom Fibre and Tanya Dreyer from Simpli Connect looks at how connectivity forms the foundation of a successful hybrid workplace. FULL STORY >


Canon further extends A3 portfolio to power hybrid working for businesses of every size

By Press Release 9 September 2021

Canon Europe announced the launch of two new product lines, the imageRUNNER C3226i and imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3800 Series, designed to power efficient, secure hybrid working. FULL STORY >


The Future of Work: Unscrambling the hybrid working puzzle

By Staff Writer 4 August 2021

As the move to hybrid working gathers pace, what the future of work looks like in South Africa is equally uncertain. It’s a puzzle every business needs to solve. BT's Dr Nicola Millard shares insights on making hybrid working, work. FULL STORY >

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