Gaming News Round-up - The Best Gaming Weekend Edition

By Staff Writer 5 October 2012

This week in the Gaming News Round-up: rAge gets going, WoW sells 2.7 million Pandas, while Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta kicks off today. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up The Call of Duty edition

By Johan Keyter 5 November 2010

In this week's gaming news round-up we wonder if GT5 will arrive before Christmas and check out even more Call of Duty Black Ops reveals. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The high octane edition

By Johan Keyter 29 October 2010

In this week's gaming news round-up we indulge in some rubber burning action with NFS Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5 while triggering a revolution in newly released Fable III. FULL STORY >


Medal of Honor

By Johan Keyter 26 October 2010

We check our ammo as we prepare to dive into the modern Medal of Honor experience in this in-depth PC review. FULL STORY >


Medal of Honor sells 1.5 million in five days

By Johan Keyter 20 October 2010

EA's latest outing into the first person shooter realm may not have been a critical success, but new data indicates that it may turn into a financial one. FULL STORY >


EA caves to Taliban pressure

By Johan Keyter 4 October 2010

Increasing pressure over the inclusion of the Taliban in multiplayer causes EA to implement name changes for the upcoming Medal of Honor game. FULL STORY >


The hottest games this spring

By Johan Keyter 3 September 2010

We take an in-depth look at the most explosive games hitting stores in the coming months. FULL STORY >

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