Survey indicates need for parents to prioritise online safety

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 February 2011

Microsoft reveals the results of an MSN survey concerning the attitudes and behaviour of parents and their children around issues of online safety. FULL STORY >


Tech News Round-up - Web edition

By Hanleigh Daniels 4 February 2011

The iPad 2 is spotted in this week's Tech News Round-up, whilst a new IP, IPv6, is required for the future of the net. FULL STORY >


Yahoo responsible for Windows Phone 7 data leak

By Johan Keyter 2 February 2011

Microsoft admits that Yahoo was behind inflated data charges for certain Windows Phone 7 users. FULL STORY >


More usage stats on IE9

By Hanleigh Daniels 1 February 2011

Redmond's web browser Internet Explorer 9, which is still a beta release, continues to grow its market share. FULL STORY >


Tech News Round-up - Smartphone edition

By Hanleigh Daniels 28 January 2011

This week in the Tech News Round-up: More leaked details regarding future BlackBerry devices hit the web, whilst there are now over two billion internet users in the world. FULL STORY >


Hacker sets sights on WP7

By Johan Keyter 21 January 2011

Infamous iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz sets his sights on Windows Phone 7. FULL STORY >


Fighters Uncaged

By Johan Keyter 18 January 2011

Fighters Uncaged promised us a new way to play fighting games, instead its terrible motion controls taught us to keep that controller close just in case. FULL STORY >


Kinect coming to the PC

By Johan Keyter 18 January 2011

Motion control on the PC may not be very far away, as Microsoft announces that it will release Kinect drivers for Windows. FULL STORY >


Gaming news round-up - The money rush edition

By Johan Keyter 14 January 2011

In this week's gaming news round-up we check out some astounding financial success in the gaming world while donning our racing helmets for Shift 2. FULL STORY >


Tech News Round-up - Analogue TV to get axe by 2013

By Hanleigh Daniels 14 January 2011

This week in the Tech News Round-up: South Africa to adopt the DVB-T2 digital television standard, whilst a leak of a trinity of new smartphones on the way from Canada's RIM hits the web. FULL STORY >


Microsoft hindering Apple App Store trademark

By Staff Writer 12 January 2011

Microsoft is trying to hinder Apple from filing a trademark application for the name FULL STORY >


Tech News Round-up - All about CES 2011

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 January 2011

The first Tech News Round-up for 2011 features the hottest news and tech developments from the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, currently being held in Las Vegas. FULL STORY >


A new Windows on a new chip

By Johan Keyter 6 January 2011

As CES 2011 heats up Microsoft demos new Windows running on mobile processors. FULL STORY >


Microsoft Kinect

By Johan Keyter 6 January 2011

We review Microsoft's full body motion sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360, the Kinect. FULL STORY >


Microsoft warns against new Windows vulnerability

By Johan Keyter 5 January 2011

Microsoft sends out a new security advisory against a flaw that could lead to unauthorized access of your computer. FULL STORY >

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