PS4 receives a time sensitive price drop

By Ryan Noik 28 April 2015

Ster Kinekor Entertainment has announced a R700 price cut across all its PS4 bundles and standalone consoles. FULL STORY >


Star Ocean 5 sails onto next gen console

By Ryan Noik 17 April 2015

Square Enix’s Star Ocean 5 will also be released on Sony’s next gen console, the PS4, it has been confirmed. FULL STORY >


PS4’s biggest update yet is now live

By Ryan Noik 27 March 2015

It’s not often that a firmware update evokes some excitement, but the PS4’s latest brings some notable enhancements to the next gen console. FULL STORY >


Xbox One revisited

By Ryan Noik 12 February 2015

In light of Microsoft’s recent announcements, it seemed a good time to take a fresh look at the company’s monolithic console, the Xbox One. FULL STORY >


Xbox One coming in September

By Ryan Noik 18 March 2014

The local release date has been confirmed for Microsoft’s Xbox One, with September being pegged as the month in which South African fans will be able to purchase the console. FULL STORY >


PS4 status update shows the console going strong

By Ryan Noik 5 March 2014

Curious about how well the PS4 is faring less than half a year since its launch? It turns out, the answer is very well indeed. FULL STORY >


Sony PlayStation 4

By Ryan Noik 18 December 2013

For a console that sold out locally in its first 24 hours, it’s fair to call the PS4 launch a resounding success. Is this Sony’s best console ever? FULL STORY >


PS4 First impressions

By Ryan Noik 11 December 2013

Despite the rain and the momentous occasion of Mandela’s commemoration, as the entertainment world are fond of saying, the show must go on, and thus the PS4’s launch event was held last night on the edge of Sandton’s urban fringe. FULL STORY >


Sony’s PS4 breaches 2 million mark

By Ryan Noik 4 December 2013

Sony has announced that its PS4 has surpassed 2.1 million sales worldwide, following its broader global launch at the end of last month. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Good Naughty Dog Edition

By Ryan Noik 15 November 2013

In this week’s Gaming News Round-up: Naughty Dog announces Uncharted for PS4, single player DLC for The Last of Us is forthcoming and Dead Rising 3 wants your eyes. FULL STORY >


PS4 coming to SA on 6 December 2013

By Staff Writer 21 August 2013

In awesome news for South African gamers, Ster Kinekor Entertainment has announced that the PlayStation 4 will be reaching local shores on 6 December 2013. FULL STORY >


Microsoft bumps eight countries off Xbox One launch list

By Ryan Noik 15 August 2013

The Xbox One’s woes continue – with the latest being that its global launch this year has been slashed by a third. FULL STORY >


Xbox One Kinect no longer required for Xbox One to function

By Ryan Noik 13 August 2013

The Xbox One will now no longer require the Kinect to be connected to the console in order for it to function. FULL STORY >


Microsoft welcomes indie developers to Xbox One fold

By Ryan Noik 29 July 2013

Microsoft has addressed its indie problem, announcing a dramatic shift from previous policies which should enable developers to more easily create games for its next console. FULL STORY >


Xbox One twists and turns continue

By Ryan Noik 16 July 2013

More twists and turns in the Xbox One saga have resulted in yet another petition and a frank admission from Microsoft about messaging missteps. FULL STORY >

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