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What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year. Ever wondered how new compression gear can help you achieve your goals? 2XU, the leader in high performance gear, is definitely the go-to brand for all things compression.

Launched in Australia in 2005 and now present in more than 70 countries, including South Africa, 2XU has grown to become the world’s most technical sportswear company, driven by a relentless pursuit to multiply human performance.

Designed for maximum performance, 2XU gear is built for an all-round performance across multiple sports, enabling athletes to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster.

2XU compression gear works three ways:

Designed to deliver the ultimate in performance, 2XU offers MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping) compression which is a revolutionary fabric support system. MCS ‘stamping’ assists performance by providing greater compression power. The Men’s Light Speed compression shorts, retailing at R1 299, and Women’s Light Speed mid-rise compression tights, retailing at R1 799 - is a perfect match. The compression gear features MCS technology, with a meticulous understanding of the impact running has on the legs.

Training compression gear that reduces risk of injuryThis compression gear meets you at the gym with your training partner, on the court or out pounding the pavement. Here are two ‘must have’s: Women’s Core Compression 5 Inch Shorts, retailing at R999 can easily help with a confidence booster for your summer body! Men’s Core Compression Short Sleeve, retailing at R1 099, provides compression support for the upper body for better postural awareness and stronger performance.

The final benefit is that 2XU recovery compression gear helps you recover fasterThis Includes Recovery Flex Legs Sleeves, retailing at R499, which provides powerful compression support to the quadriceps and hamstrings. Finally, the Compression Socks for Recovery, retailing at R299, is designed to alleviate tired muscles from extended hours on your feet. The faster you recover, the sooner you can get back to training.

2XU is HUMAN PERFORMANCE. MULTIPLIED.  Allow 2XU to revolutionise your new year’s resolution.

For more info or to purchase 2XU product visit the website:



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