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Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, has partnered with Pit-track by donating thermal imaging cameras, with the intention of finding a solution to  securing the future rhinos in the Johannesburg conservation area.

Pit-track is a non-profit K9 conservation unit that specialises in rhino protection, anti-poaching, tracking, K9 training and investigations. The unit has a 100 percent success rate using trained tracker dogs as its eyes and ears in the bush. Since conventional tracking methods are too cumbersome, the dogs have the ability to track the footprints of poachers and are quick to obtain their location in the reserve.

“We are dealing with a highly sophisticated, experienced enemy that has unlimited resources to advanced military equipment, information and funding at its disposal. We are finding syndicates recruiting ex-military personnel to destroy our national heritage, and the only way to counter such a ruthless enemy is to balance the scales of equipment and skill sets within our unit,” says Carl Thornton, team leader at Pit-track. 


Conservationists and game farmers cannot protect the rhinos in isolation, and units like Pit-track are needed to assist them in keeping the species safe. Challenges includes the size of the reserves and the substantial cost around placing accredited armed operators on the ground.

A rhino is killed every eight hours in South Africa alone, according to The poached numbers has escalated year-on-year for the past five years. Poachers are embracing sophisticated technology and no longer make use of traditional poaching methods. They can now afford the latest technology and buy the services of skilled people.

The rhino price has dropped tremendously due to security risks and requirements. Rhinos can now be easily replaced rather than protected however this may lead to complete extinction.

Possible Solution

Axis Communications is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform.

The company’s sponsorship of three thermal fixed-mount cameras will be used at one of the highest risk reserves and will provide the Pit-track team with better access control to dramatically revolutionise the fight against poachers. Enhanced surveillance is able to get eyes on a situation in the shortest time and without expending unnecessary manpower.

The Axis Q1931-E Thermal Network Camera is an affordable and solid bullet-style camera especially designed for outdoor surveillance in complete darkness and challenging conditions. The out-of-the-box outdoor-ready camera is ideal for monitoring facilities where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical. In addition, Axis’ unique Corridor Format allows the camera to deliver a vertical field of view, perfect for situations such as the monitoring of long fences and other perimeters.

Thermal camera technology provides Pit-track with the ability to cover massive ground and, in the process, save the lives of anti-poaching teams and their K9 assistants. 

“Axis Communications is very excited to be part of this journey to preserve our wildlife. We are very committed to this cause and are confident our technology can assist in curbing the poaching epidemic that we are dealing with,” says, Roy Alves,Business Development Manager at Axis Communications.



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