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CROSSCALL unveils three new accessories equipped with X-LINKTM technology: the X-DOCK, the X-CAR Pro and the X-RIDE. These innovative accessories will ensure you get the most of your summer by helping you remain connected to your device regardless of where you go.

The French specialist of waterproof and durable devices, CROSSCALL helps professionals and outdoor enthusiasts do what comes naturally. Today CROSSCALL has the widest range of outdoor accessories on the market.

“We are extremely proud of the new CROSSCALL accessories as it helps to further integrate our phones and tablets into everyday life. Whether you are going on a long road trip to the coast this December, or camping and mountain biking somewhere off the beaten track. With these accessories you can ensure that your CROSSCALL phone is always close by and ready to capture every special moment,” says Julien Fouriot, Director Africa of CROSSCALL.

The X-DOCK allows you to save a lot of time in your personal or professional life. This even more powerful accessory in its new version, compatible with the CROSSCALL tablet the CORE-T4, allows the user to be always in charge and connected to the computer to transfer his data in no time. The X-DOCK is the right accessory for a user who wants to be efficient. 

The X-CAR Pro and X-RIDE are both dedicated to road enthusiasts and professionals who want a practical and easy to use accessory, in vehicle or motorbike. CROSSCALL puts here all its expertise in outdoor and extreme conditions to guarantee an optimal experience and use.

X-DOCK: A new design adapted to the CORE-T4

More design and even faster, the new X-DOCK retains the ergonomics and performance of its predecessor while being adapted to the CROSSCALL tablet and smartphones. It goes the extra mile to offer even more features with now Quick Charge compatibility and an additional USB port. For the user, whether at home or at work, the X-DOCK offers great comfort of use and convenience thanks to its X-LINKTM* magnetic system that allows instant charging and data transfer once connected to the computer.

With the X-DOCK at his side, the user always keeps an eye on his phone screen and stays connected no matter what happens.

* Magconn technology

X-RIDE : Charge your phone while driving

Designed for everyday or Sunday bikers, the X-RIDE is the accessory that motorbike enthusiasts have been waiting for. This new mount allows the user to attach his CROSSCALL smartphone to the handlebars or the rear view mirror of his favourite motorbike and use it as a GPS or camera, all without worrying about recharging the battery. Thanks to the Glove Touch and Wet Touch technologies, the touch of the phone screen remains powerful and functional even when the driver uses it with gloves or in the rain.

Adapted to CROSSCALL smartphones, the support brings to the user comfort of use and practicality, essential features in the motorbike environment. Earth, gravel, hole in the road, thanks to the X-BLOCKER security system, the smartphone is optimally fixed and will remain in place even in case of high speed and strong vibrations. Effortlessly and thanks to the charge transfer allowed by the X-LINKTM*, the rider can also take advantage of each of his trips to recharge his phone by connecting the X-RIDE to the USB port of his motorbike. The USB cable, made by CROSSCALL, once unplugged, remains protected from dust and rain thanks to its protective cap. 

Finally, for a successful motorbike ride, the X-RIDE's double ball-and-socket system allows a 360° orientation of the mobile to allow the user to film with flexibility and precision his most beautiful motorbike rides.

As a little extra, the X-RIDE fits perfectly on a bike handlebar to allow cyclists to immortalize their beautiful bike rides.

X-CAR PRO: A telescopic arm to adapt to all vehicles 

With the X-CAR Pro installed in his car, the user can easily and quickly recharge his phone or tablet while driving. Here, no need to look for the right cable or open the sealing cap to connect his smartphone, the X-CAR Pro has been designed to allow the user to optimize its charging time to the maximum. The X-CAR Pro also includes a telescopic arm to allow the user to easily and quickly adjust his phone as he wishes. This is a function that is perfectly adapted for use in a commercial vehicle. 

Offering a fast charge 3.0 a double ball joint for optimal orientation, the X-CAR PRO combines both performance and ergonomics. To adapt to all vehicles, it has been designed with two different types of brackets: 

  • A suction cup support, mobile, infinitely repositionable, and ideal for smooth surfaces. 
  • A self-adhesive support 3M™, more compact and more discreet, for a permanent fixation. 

 By unveiling these three new accessories, CROSSCALL broadens its offer and proposes products based on the aspirations and feedback of its users and thus reinforces its ecosystem of accessories designed to extend the use of its smartphones. Thus, everyone will find his or her essential accessory to best appreciate his or her CROSSCALL smartphone or tablet this summer.

Retail Prices:

X-Dock:                 R 899

X-Car pro:            R1 099

X-Ride :                 R1 129



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