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At last 2017 promises some exciting positivity, harnessing technology to enable ordinary citizens to make a difference at the most basic human level.

Introducing ARK, a world-first from South Africa, developed for our planet reeling under waves of conflict and negativity, giving ordinary people the chance to create ripples of good. The ARK app, developed by Injozi, is a simple yet powerful tool for the world’s influential generation of Millennials to change the world, where kindness begets kindness. Simply download and get on with your day to day life.

Co-created and powered by Net#work BBDO and ChangeOurWorldforGood this compelling new innovation is based upon this very powerful premise. As Net#work ECD Brad Reilly explains, “Positive thought creates positive energy, good words create good energy, and kind deeds create kind energy. By changing our thoughts, words and deeds, we can change the world.  What a cool thought…You can Change the World for Good through acts of random kindness.”

“Although driven by deep spiritual values this is no holier-than-thou initiative, it’s a cool way to engage an audience,” adds co-founder Rabbi David Masinter.

This Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) App encourages users to set goals for performing random acts of kindness and rewards them with increasing levels of recognition. Users can also share their acts of random kindness on their social media accounts.

Whether it’s buying an extra burger to give to someone who’s hungry, volunteering at the local SPCA, or helping Mom out by offering to run some errands, the App encourages a sense of gratification for the achievement of having reached a goal.

The idea behind the App was sparked by Masinter’s work with schoolchildren across South Africa over many years, during which he noticed that the schooling system doesn’t teach kindness. The Millennial generation is leaving school without a basic understanding of what kindness is and why, here and now more than ever before, kindness should be the foundation from which all actions stem.

So how about a counter revolution using creativity and technology? Enter co-collaborator and long-time ideas partner, ad agency Net#work BBDO who worked alongside the organisation.

“This goes way beyond a mobile app, we want to create cycles of kindness, and one way is by distributing ARK charity boxes, which are money-boxes that people fill with spare change and then pass on to others who need the coins more than they do.” 

Masinter continues, “One full ARK box may not change the world but it can certainly change the world for one person. ARK doesn’t ask for the full boxes back to fund our charitable deeds - the acts of random kindness come directly from the people who’ve filled them.”

The ARK App will be available in Apple and Android app stores from 15 February. ARK has named the following week ‘Acts of Random Kindness Week’ and numerous initiatives fronted by the likes of comedians John Vlismas.



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