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MICROmega Group Company, Cloudware, will supply its low-cost, low power, and easy to support CloudGate devices to the Got-Game POP UP digital libraries that are being rolled out to underprivileged communities throughout South Africa.

The Point of Presence of Unleashing Potential (POP UP) digital libraries are off-grid digital centres purpose-built for rural and underserved communities.

Established by Arthur Anderson in 2012, Got-Game, focuses on education and economic inclusion for people in these communities using innovative concepts such as the digital libraries.

Anderson found that while children love using tablets, they require a device that uses a keyboard and mouse for school projects and other assignments. This resulted in the initiative looking for a technology partner that could deliver and support a cost-effective, and lightweight computing solution that could be deployed in a short amount of time. In addition, as the digital libraries run off solar power, the devices had to have a low energy consumption.

“Considering that the majority of the Got-Game content is cloud-based and taking into account their other technical and support requirements, the CloudGate was a natural fit.

Our experienced team of specialists worked closely with Got-Game to refine the offering according to their specific requirements,” says Jonathan Young, head of product at Cloudware Technologies.

Anderson found his way into social entrepreneurship when he helped a friend create community gyms for people in impoverished communities, a project they still run as part of Got-Game.

The digital libraries provide communities with access to information and serve to incubate micro-enterprises, offer platforms and software-as-a-service, training and internships, as well as micro-jobs for learners, graduates, and school leavers.

“Worldwide, pop up stores are thriving and the concept seemed very fitting for township communities where there is a lack of infrastructure and backlogs often hamper zoning for permanent infrastructure.

The idea is to deliver a complete service within the same day the POP UP is delivered to a community,” says Arthur Wade Anderson, founder of Got-Game.

He says the CloudGate solution can provide users with access to a range of applications, has the capability to address the needs of those familiar with Microsoft Windows, and can easily be upgraded.

“We wanted people to have the option of operating on a large screen format with a keyboard and mouse outside of the tablet infrastructure that we already have. CloudGate is a world-class product that is well supported and has a beautiful growth path,” adds Anderson.

The impact of the digital libraries goes beyond the containers. Got-Game actively recruits people living close to the containers for micro-jobs to help set up and run the sites. There is also significant potential for each unit to create additional revenue opportunities for community members.

For Young, the partnership has significant potential to expand into the rest of Africa.

“Got-Game hopes to take the CloudGate solution into Francophone and other regions of the continent. Given the opportunities that exist, we are very excited about our relationship with Got-Game and helping to bridge the digital divide.

Empowering communities throughout Africa with access to information through innovative technology solutions mean people can get the skills necessary to drive their own business or find employment,” concludes Young.



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