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South Africa’s entrepreneurs are showing enormous resilience in a difficult economy. One thing that could help them reach their full potential is world-class, affordable accounting support.  With this in mind, Sage is hosting the Sage One Roadshow   across South Africa for accountants and accounting practices to get the latest information on using online technology to improve the service they provide to their clients.  

With cloud technology, accountants have the opportunity to move those ‘shoebox’ and spreadsheet clients onto a modern and affordable system that makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier. For accountants, the benefits include turning hours of data entry into minutes of data review, and the ability to easily work with clients wherever they are—without needing to go to their offices.

Other benefits of accounting in the cloud include:

· All the information is stored in one place and accessible through any device.

· One version of the truth – both clients and accountants working simultaneously on the same information.

· Accountants can work on client data without having to leave their office.

· Dashboards, Graphs and KPIs provide snapshot views of how the business is performing.

· A handle on Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, VAT, Payroll, Balance Sheets and Income Statements.

· Accounting records are stored forever.

The Roadshow will visit major South African centres throughout the month to demonstrate the opportunities and efficiencies of accounting and payroll in the cloud. One of the products on show is the Sage One Accountants Edition  which allows for a birds eye view of all clients in one place, making it easy to manage and service them.

Says Steven Cohen Head of Sage One International (Africa, Australia, Middle East and Asia): “South African entrepreneurs know it takes hard work and human sacrifice to turn a dream business idea into a way of life. They depend on accounting expertise, experience, analysis, insight, and foresight to maximise the potential of their businesses. An accountant is a partner that a business cannot survive without”

“It is our privilege to serve South African accountants and their clients by providing them with solutions that enable them to connect and collaborate in real-time. In a time of massive technological and economic change, using smart technology can help accountants and their clients to be more productive, efficient and profitable.”

Here’s what Pierre Gouws CA (SA) at Cencea Incorporated Chartered Accountants had to say about working in the cloud:

“As an accountant, the fact that I can log into the same live system on which my clients work, saves me a huge amount of time. My clients can capture transactions and I can just log into do checks and adjustments. It reduces traveling to and from my clients. I think it is an awesome product.”

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