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Dynabook Europe GmbH is delighted to announce that the Satellite Pro E10-S has been chosen as one of a limited number of devices to feature Windows 11 SE – the all-new operating system designed for education – at its launch.

The selection of this device by Microsoft further demonstrates the strong relationship between Dynabook and Microsoft in the education space.

Robust, budget-friendly, and purpose-built

Announced in March 2021, the Satellite Pro E10-S is a robust, budget-friendly and secure 11.6” device, purpose-built for the education sector to optimise the learning experience, while reducing burden on IT administrators.

The Satellite Pro E10-S has been built with all the essential design features to withstand the tumbles and scrapes of school life. Rubber bumpers protect the device from potential knocks on the move in school bags, while also adding further at-desk grip. The notebook’s frame has been reinforced to withstand pressure and potential drops from a standard desk height*. Strengthened charging port, hinges and newly designed spill-resistant** and mechanically anchored keycaps have also been rigorously tested to provide further durability, even after prolonged use. The E10-S can also open 180 degrees for easy screen sharing and to prevent hinge damage from over extension. In addition, with its ‘fan-less’ design, it’ll be a quiet companion in any classroom.

Windows 11 SE, built for students, optimised for administrators – available everywhere

The all-new Windows 11 SE operating system is a cloud-first edition tailored for education, with a focus on students from primary to secondary school. A streamlined version of Windows 11, the operating system delivers simplified experiences, with no distractions, through its Simple Start and app layouts, web-first user experience, and optimised app-windowing. Cloud optimised, the operating system utilises cloud identities only, while user files are saved to the cloud (via OneDrive) and available offline on-demand***. 

What’s more, student privacy and security are built-in to support learning anywhere. Windows 11 SE provides comprehensive content filtering and SmartScreen, to complement the E10-S device’s manageability and security features. The device is configured via Microsoft’s Intune for Education, including Windows Autopilot, making it easy for IT education administrators to pre-configure, maintain, and even retire student and teacher laptops with little to no infrastructure.

“We have over thirty years of experience in the education sector and are proud that Microsoft has recognised the Satellite Pro E10-S as a launch device for Windows 11 SE, further underlining the strong education credentials of this device and the wider Satellite Pro range,” said Damian Jaume, President of Dynabook Europe GmbH. “The Satellite Pro E10-S has been carefully engineered with the challenges of today’s classroom in mind, so that teachers and students alike know they can rely on it to support successful, uninterrupted learning. Like our other Education focused devices, the E10S is still available with Windows 10 Pro Education preloaded – so our education customers can choose a device that best fits their device management strategy.”

“With Dynabook’s heritage in innovation, this partnership aims to drive differentiated experiences and support learning anywhere, by giving educators the power to unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple and secure solution that’s built for remote and blended education,” said Kurt Petersen, General Manager, Global Device Partners, Microsoft

The Satellite Pro E10-S with Windows 11 SE will be available globally from the first quarter of 2022.

For more information on the Satellite Pro E10-S and other available processors, and the wider Dynabook range please visit:

*Meets Japanese ‘Denanho Step 2’ battery drop test requirements. Standard desk height for 11 years to adult approximately 71cm

**Up to 30ml

***Offline support with cloud sync



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