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By Wesley Govender, Risk Advisory Africa Leader: Data Analytics

If you were to ask a hundred people what Data Science is – and more importantly, to state its value – you’d likely get a hundred different answers. Technological advances and the associated changes in the business landscape have produced a rapidly expanding “parallel universe” of new content, new data, new information sources and even new technologies. Data Science is too important to be so elusive. So, the question is how do we define it and how do organisations quickly operationalise to take advantage of this trend?

Today, where annual data growth predictions range from 100% to 4000%, there is a pressing need for organisations to find ways to leverage this gargantuan asset. Data-driven strategies are increasingly becoming an important point of competitive differentiation with more and more organisations using data for better insights. The demand for data analytics specialists who know how to manage information, spot patterns within it, and draw conclusions and insights, has never been higher. Big Data and Analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda, together promising to transform the way organisations do business.

It is not unusual these days for organisations to want to make decisions based on rigorous, data-based insights rather than experience or intuition. So, there is enormous value in data: from innovative insights and improved understanding of problems to countless opportunities to predict and shape the future. Data Science provides ways to benefit from Big Data, to see patterns, to make sense of information and to make better-informed business decisions.

Data, and making sense of it through analytics, is at the heart of all disruptive innovations and is key to becoming the organisation of the future. It’s in the DNA of start-ups, who continue to grow and bring game-changing propositions to market, and yet is often overlooked by incumbents.

We live in an age where businesses are continually changing, evolving and facing new challenges every day – this creates so many opportunities as there is so much information available, However, knowing what to do with it can be overwhelming. How do you know what to do? Where to start? Where to focus?

To realise data’s full potential, Deloitte Data Analytics is demystifying Data Science through impactful initiatives. In February 2018, the Deloitte School of Analytics will host its three-day annual education event, where they breakdown this data phenomenon and help clients use data science to drive their organisation forward. The annual education event is a three-day training programme that focuses on enhancing Analytics capabilities across Africa. Deloitte Analytics SMEs and TDWI lecturers will be engaging with the delegates through hands on and classroom based training, structured case study discussions, presentations and practical examples. The education journey will include modules such as Practical Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Architecting for the Future and Demystifying Data Science.

To kick start the three day education event, delegates will get a front row seat to the breakfast launch that will bring together thought leaders, key decision makers and specialists as we unpack the game changing innovation within Data Analytics. Larry Keeley and other industry experts will shift the focus from traditional data techniques to “reimagining the future” of data driven innovation. Larry Keeley, the keynote speaker was named one of seven Innovation Gurus that are changing the field of innovation by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and in 2010 was selected as one of 27 most influential designers in the world. Industry experts will also deep dive into being a data driven organisation in the era of robotics.

Given the large demand for data analytics skills, experts place the talent pool supply at 20% of the actual market demand. The majority of organisations find themselves at low levels of analytic maturity and need to move from information and hindsight to optimisation and foresight to remain relevant and competitive in the future.

Deloitte recruits top graduates to complete structured training with practical examples through an intensive four-week Boot Camp (two weeks twice a year). 80% of the programme involves student Secondment to clients whilst 20% focuses on skills development as well as mentorship at Deloitte.

The Deloitte Data Factory is structured around rapid skills development offering graduates a structured programme that fast-tracks their ability to deliver on data related projects, allowing them to add significant value to clients within a short time frame.

Reimagine the future of your business using data and innovation.

For more information on the Deloitte School of Analytics education event, click here and Deloitte Data Factory click here



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