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Cape Town will be home to the third Open Access ICT networking event hosted by Africa’s only vendor neutral data centre, Teraco and independent fibre network operator, FibreCo. Taking place at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Wednesday 18th November, the “by invitation only” event will pull together the industry’s C-level executives from across Africa to discuss open access and the future of sub-Saharan Africa in the global ICT landscape.

Lex van Wyk, CEO, Teraco says the open access conversation is critical: “Since the mid 2000’s ICT organisations have been discussing the importance and the determinant role of infrastructure sharing in the development of ICT markets in Africa. Unfortunately it has not been enough and while it led to many organisations working on the concept, reality is that the open access approach has not been fully embraced, nor is it completely understood.”

Van Wyk says the reality is that shared infrastructure is a significant enabling mechanism to stimulate broadband access in South Africa: “If sub-Saharan Africa wants to ensure its competitiveness, we need to be decisive and have a clear-cut plan to fully embrace and utilise an open access approach.”

The Open Access event will take place in Cape Town during the annual ICT gathering alongside the Global Carrier Community Meeting (16-17 November) and AfricaCom (17-19 November), and aims to literally open the door to key ICT delegates and create a neutral platform for dialogue and discussion.

Arif Hussain, CEO, FibreCo says “the open access model allows all enterprises and service providers to benefit from the cost efficiencies and bespoke service levels previously available only to incumbent operators. This aggregation of demand provides the incentive for FibreCo and Teraco to invest further in extending their infrastructure”

He says that if ICT players want to keep up with rapidly growing demand, open access is a key consideration and also makes sense when trying to deploy next generation fibre networks quickly and affordably in rural and underserved parts of the country.

The Open Access event is a great opportunity for ICT players to meet and collaborate in a relaxed and informal environment, providing an excellent opportunity to foster and hopefully grow the open access movement.

2014 Open Access event was a huge success with over 840 delegates attending from 32 different countries representing over 350 organisations.

FibreCo and Teraco look forward to another successful networking event this year and more importantly, hope that the open access movement will gain momentum and become more of a reality in 2016.

For more information on the Open Access event brought to you by Teraco and FibreCo visit  or contact Carla Sanderson on (011) 573 2800.



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