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HMD Global is introducing the world to a new philosophy: The Art of Phone Shui -  a spoof of the philosophy of Feng Shui, and brings to life the benefits of living a pure and uncluttered lifestyle: living with everything that you truly need, and nothing you do not.

The Phone Shui mantra is at the heart of the new Nokia smartphone range which now comes with Android as Google intended it: pure. Nokia smartphones are built to last and designed to perform. They do not come pre-loaded with apps or cluttered with bloatware, giving consumers the freedom to curate their own experience, which enhances the battery life and overall performance of their smartphone. We are committed to giving Nokia fans the most pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience and are currently working on rolling out Android Oreo across our range of smartphones.

“We pride ourselves on providing our customers with products that are built to last which is why we aim to deliver the latest and best Android experience. In line with the ‘Phone Shui’ mantra, we have started to introduce Android 8.0 Oreo across our range as it was intended - in its purest form, with no skins. Monthly software updates and bloat-free devices mean your Nokia phone will remain pure, secure and up to date,” says Shaun Durandt - general manager Southern Africa, HMD Global. 

Here are our top watch outs to help you embrace a Phone Shui lifestyle: 

  1. Many smartphones come with pre-loaded apps which take up vital storage space. Choose a Nokia smartphone for a bloat-free handset
  2. Messages, photos and videos can take up lots of storage space, creating clutter and slowing down your mobile. Regularly update your phone and delete old items so that your mobile only ever has everything you need, and nothing you don’t 
  3. Updates for operating software are regularly published, but do you always install them? Using outdated software means your phone is not operating at its best and is open to security issues. We guarantee timely monthly updates and work closely with operator partners to ensure a seamless delivery.



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