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Given the important role small to medium enterprises (SMEs) play in the economic development of the country, MTN Business has introduced a range of cloud services and a free trial specifically designed for their needs.

"SMEs form the lifeblood of the economy and need solutions that are tailored for their unique requirements. MTN Business prides itself for making customers key to the solutions we offer, and we continually strive to customise for the specific needs of SMEs," says Kanagaratnam Lambotharan, MTN SA Chief Enterprise Business Officer.

Lambotharan says these include the industry trend to provide cloud computing solutions to the South African corporate environment. Yet, there are very few cloud offerings that can meet the demand of what the SME sector requires. 

The new MTN Business Cloud offerings are Cloud Collaboration; for SMEs to share their documents wherever they are, Cloud Backup; to keep documents and other files secure in the event of data corruption, theft or other losses, Cloud Customer Management; for SMEs to access their customer information irrespective of where they are, and Cloud Video Conferencing; so SMEs never miss a meeting even if they are travelling.

“MTN Business has looked at the cloud options available to smaller businesses and developed several innovative solutions geared to provide the much needed support to their daily operations."

"These MTN Business Cloud services are cost-effective solutions designed to help SMEs take charge of their businesses without having to worry about infrastructure costs. MTN Business is giving the decision-makers the ability to run their businesses effectively from anywhere in the world," adds Lambotharan.

To activate the free trial for the MTN Business Cloud services, SMEs can visit and select the services they want to try under the "Trial Services" option. Once the registration is complete, SMEs are free to start using it. Alternatively SMEs can visit their nearest participating MTN branded store to pick up information regarding their free trial on any of the MTN Business Cloud services.



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