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The beginning of Summer just a few months ago brought us sunny skies and majestic sunsets. Fortunately, even now at the beginning of Autumn, as the leaves go brown, we still have lots of sunny days ahead.  Of course, during this time the constant heat, day and night, doesn’t always make it easy to feel comfortable indoors. This is where Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ Air Conditioner models provide a welcome relief from the harsh temperatures. And as we move into a new season, we know colder, darker months are just around the corner. Once again, the Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioner will be called into action. While it’s always been difficult to warm up homes in South Africa, designed more for a hot climate, Samsung’s WindFree™ air conditioner rises to the challenge. Even energy efficiency is factored into the design – useful in a country where high energy costs hit us even harder in the winter, as we all try to stay warm.


Create a Winter Wonderland

We all want to keep cosy during the winter months while ensuring electricity bills don’t get out of control. The Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioner ensures that room temperatures remain regulated according to your preferences. It’s further designed to cool or heat wide and large areas, meaning the temperature of your entire room can be managed easily. Another bonus is the Good Sleep mode, an innovation that automatically manages the temperature of your room while you are sleeping to optimise the various stages of your sleep cycle.

Keep Your Cool

Samsung’s WindFree™ Air Conditioner lets you maintain a stable home temperature via remote control optimised to your daily schedule. The WindFree™ cooling technology keeps you pleasantly cool while cleaning the air and saving energy. Samsung’s WindFree™ Cooling technology can provide you with an effective cooling experience without the unpleasant sensation of harsh, cold air blowing directly onto your skin. Once you set your desired temperature, WindFree™ Cooling will quietly and gently disperse cool air through 23,000 micro air holes to ensure you don’t feel an annoying draft.

Get that Spring Clean Affect Every Day

Samsung’s WindFree™ technology not only keeps your room temperature comfortably in check, it also includes a specialised filter to keep the air in your home clean and hygienic. The Tri-Care filter is made up of three layers that reduce harmful particles to help maintain healthy indoor air quality. Each layer captures large dust particles, fibres and even animal hairs, and also includes a Zeolite Coating Filter that reduces viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Tech Every Box on the calendar

Samsung’s WindFree™ Air Conditioners come with an AI Auto Cooling feature1 that makes it easier to stay warm or cool. With artificial intelligence, the devices analyse room conditions, user-preferred temperatures and heating/cooling modes, and even the climate outdoors to automatically switch to an optimal room setting. The innovative 2-Way Auto Swing automatically also controls the air flow direction, so it evenly distributes warm/cool air to ensure maximum comfort. Wind-Free™ also works with the Samsung SmartThings app, so you can turn the air conditioner on and off, schedule operations, switch settings, and even monitor power consumption from your smartphone.

Ultimately, the Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner is a home appliance that’s designed to make being at home a comfortable experience. It’s the freedom to make the most of every South African season.

1 Available on AR9500T models



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