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Local ICT infrastructure company BT-SA can now provide fast on-site IT infrastructure for businesses through its innovative Data Centre in a Box, an affordable low maintenance solution that enables people to start working immediately. It enables businesses to deploy infrastructure in minutes, they no longer need to invest in costly server rooms and scarce technical skills.

This revolutionary stand-alone data centre is all about convenience, it’s an ideal solution for businesses that require a complete data centre solution but cannot afford one or don't have the time or resources to develop one. The solution can also be used as a key support component in Disaster Recovery.

Bertie Strydom, managing director of BT-SA, says Data Centre in a Box is an entire stand-alone server room boasting all required server room features to secure and protect the customer’s technology assets. “The entire unit can be preconfigured and set-up by their in-house technical teams for easy rollout at the client’s premises.”

“Simply add power and it’s ready to go. This reduces the need for technical support on-site to organise kit and configure IT solutions and enables teams to get working without delay," he adds.

Every IP54 Self-contained cabinet is equipped with access control keypad, electronic locking, central SNMP management and control device with dashboard, temperature monitor, flooding detection, an application specific air conditioner and UPS as well as optional humidity monitor, smoke and fire detectors and extinguishers. 

The self-contained virtual platform provides powerful and secure, mobile IT infrastructure. It offers site-based users continuity of IT services with no need to compromise on technology. The mobility benefits enable organisations to move site on a temporary or longer-term basis with IT kit that can be quickly, easily and safely transported.

Data Centre in a Box gives businesses the advantage of security and control on-the-go, a huge advantage in the mobile era. Statistical event reports can also be received via email. It has 24/7 remote monitoring from a single IP address per cabinet for all service as well as emergency reporting and remote SMS control.

"If the thought of rolling out or expanding new technology in your business gives you a headache, we have a simple solution for you. Data Centre in a Box is not just any box, it's a stand-alone server room boasting all your needs in one environment," he concludes.



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