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Leading photography company, ORMS, elevates its offerings with the new Canon imagePRESS C10010VP, a solution for high-volume printing environments. This innovative printer is an enormous device, and the team was challenged to get the equipment into the building without having to navigate traffic in the city. The main entry roads into Cape Town CBD are relatively narrow, so to overcome these challenges the installation team was up before the break of dawn - while Cape Town was peacefully asleep - craning the device over the walls in the dark.

The transportation and installation window was a tight squeeze, so the team worked swiftly in the early morning, and by 7:30 am, the crane had left. The technical team then set to work installing the printer. “Having fired up the device pre-delivery, we were confident of a successful and quick install," says Lee-Ann Saunders, Account Manager at Canon.

According to Hennie Badenhorst, Head of B2B Direct Sales at Canon, the media functionality, and flexibility of the device will make it one of the more sought-after applications in the market. It will ensure that ORMS can meet the continuously growing end-user demand for high-quality and unique products in the photobook segment. Badenhorst specified that “ORMS made it a seamless exercise in making sure that the Canon South Africa team has the correct understanding of the environment and the expectations from an end-user facing product.”

The imagePRESS C10010VP is a significant component of the printing industry's future. Jason Ormrod, owner of ORMS noted that: "The quality and reliability of the imagePRESS line means we can consistently deliver high-quality results across our product range, which includes everything from simple items, like business cards, all the way through to custom and bespoke publications."

It is undeniable that ORMS invested in a premium solution to compete on a global- scale. Being one of the market's very early adopters of trends like the photobook market, ORMS has established itself as a player who continually looks to push the envelope and set the standard for new innovations. In this fast-paced digital environment, the imagePRESS C10010VP is the ideal - product," Ormrod added.

Jason Ormrod, owner of ORMS, said, “The imagePRESS C10010VP has opened a door into a very niche photobook segment. We plan to provide the publishing of quality, thread-sewn photobooks in a short-run format so that artists, photographers, and general consumers have access to a higher quality product that can compete on an international scale.”



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