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In the wake of months of power outages from load shedding, many South Africans are exploring alternative energy sources as a means to keep the lights on. If you’re thinking of investing in a solar energy installation, it’s important to be informed about the correct battery to power your system. First National Battery manufactures a range of world-class batteries, including M-Solar Cells, which are expertly designed to work with solar powered installations.

The right battery for the job

A solar energy system is reliant on power cells to store energy – even during periods when there is little sunshine – and then draws this energy over an extended period of time. This means that the system needs to withstand deep discharges, using most of its capacity, and should have a much lower rate of discharge than a starter battery. Deep cycle batteries are designed with this use in mind.

A starter or automotive battery provides short bursts of electricity – this starts a car and powers lights and radio – and cannot withstand deep discharges. Using an automotive battery for an unintended use – to power a generator or solar power installation – will result in a shorter battery life. The structural difference between a deep-cycle and an automotive or starter battery is the lead battery plates. Deep cycle batteries are equipped with thicker active or tubular positive plates, higher paste density material and thicker separators – this gives the battery extended charge and discharge capabilities.

Power up with M-Solar Cells

First National Battery, a subsidiary of JSE listed Metair Investments, manufactures reliable, workable deep cycle batteries. As the leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries in South Africa, First National Battery’s M-Solar Cells are widely used in solar applications in South Africa.       

“The high cycling capability of an M-Solar Cell makes it ideal for solar-powered installations,” says First National Battery industrial product marketing director, Ntsumbeni Mavhungu. “These robust batteries are manufactured locally, require little maintenance and last longer.” M-Solar Cells are capable of more than 1200 cycles, to an 80% depth of discharge.

“If you’ve spent the time and money investing in a solar-powered installation, it’s worth doing the legwork to find the best battery for the job,” adds Mavhungu. “M-Solar cells use stainless steel bolts and completely enclosed terminal posts that make them acid, abrasion and fatigue resistant.”

Mavhungu concludes, “M-Solar Cells are a reliable way to power alternative energy sources, using advanced, world-class battery technology to provide the answer to a very real South African problem – power cuts.”

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