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“Do you believe that in five years’ time we’ll still need to store documents ourselves or that we’ll still need to find and send files? Well, we don’t!” These are the words spoken by Hardy Schuerhoff, CEO of a new start-up company, Qube, challenging established brands like Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, Slack and Evernote.
Qube wants to become the new standard in connecting people and businesses. In Schuerhoffs vision all of today’s possibilities are hopelessly out of date. “They just don’t serve our needs anymore.” Everyday we all receive large quantities of information. By the time we need it we go and find it and send it to whoever asks for it. Did you know that everyday people spend 45 minutes searching for things? Add to that the time needed to share information and we probably waste an hour a day.
In Schuerhoffs view everybody should always work with the same updated information. Different Cloud storage systems and even e-mail will not be necessary anymore. No more messy self-made directory structures. Everyone will be in control of his own information and easily gains access to the information of others. This should all be possible with one login. This idea forms the bases of Qube.
Qube creates your own personal (or business) environment, and you can simply give others access to (parts of) that environment. Qube comes with a pre-designed structure for households or businesses. Through your own Qube you will gain access to (parts of) Qubes of others. The part of your Qube that others have access to is always up to date. Naturally the same goes for other Qubes that you have access to. This means that you never have to log in anywhere else again. Qube makes your life well organized and simple. And in addition, it saves you a lot of time. 
Although the software is already in development, Schuerhoff needs additional funds to complete his product. For this Qube will launch their Kickstarter on 22 September. Schuerhoff: “We think that using Kickstarter is a good way to reach our target market and at the same time involve people in what we are doing. We strongly believe that Qube will change the way in which we handle information. We hope to experience that the public agrees with us.”
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