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Adding yet another element to its wireless convergence capabilities, MiRO has been appointed as a distributor for Rajant Kinetic Mesh network products. The distributorship agreement, which was finalised in early 2018, sees MiRO strategically increasing its market penetration into mobility focused wireless solutions for mission-critical systems in industrial, defence, municipal, rail and maritime ports.

“MiRO will distribute and stock Rajant’s entire range of Kinetic Mesh products. This is advantageous to potential new Kinetic Mesh Partners operating in market verticals that will benefit from the always–connected-always-mobile nature of this technology. Backed by our impressive technical skill-set and extensive experience in the wireless communications industry, MiRO is excited about the opportunities that this product enables,” says Marco de Ru, commercial manager for MiRO.

Using a combination of BreadCrumb wireless network nodes and the InstaMesh proprietary mesh protocol, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks employ wired, wireless or in-motion any-node to any-node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data using the best available traffic path and frequency in real-time, for any number of nodes. Rajant BreadCrumbs delivers low-latency, high-capacity, fully-mobile, voice and video applications across a meshed, self-healing network.

The InstaMesh protocol dynamically optimises performance as network characteristics change, whether nodes are added or removed, frequencies are opened or blocked, or the assets it connects move. Whilst InstaMesh leverages a proprietary algorithm, it maintains the option to enable 802.11n based Wi-Fi by emulating up to 4 SSIDs per RF interface.

A further benefit is that unlike legacy mesh networks that degrade performance as nodes are added, Kinetic Mesh networks strengthen with each additional node. Nodes also self-configure for easy deployment. “Our Kinetic Mesh technology uses multiple frequencies via multiple transceivers. The technology, originally developed for the military, is extremely robust and ideal for use in applications that demand ruggedness to maximised uptime,” says De Ru.



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