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The festive season is synonymous with fun, family and feasts. While COVID has thrown a few spanners in the works, many are excited to hit the roads for their annual celebrations with loved ones. Gathering responsibly is vital, but so too is ensuring your vehicle is in optimal condition. So, before you hit that accelerator, consider these:

Stay in your lane

Since 2010, more than 132,000 people have sadly lost their lives on South African roads in just a decade. This is equivalent to 1.5 times the capacity of the biggest stadium in our country. Drunk driving, negligent driving (including speeding), fatigue and unroadworthy vehicles are the leading contributors. Respecting the road rules remains essential in keeping yourself, your family and other road users, safe.

It’s free

It’s also vital to ensure your vehicle is in good, mechanical condition before you embark on that journey. Several tyre fitment centres offer free safety checks, evaluating the condition of your tyres, shock absorbers, brakes, exhaust and battery (among others). These checks also assess wheel alignment and rotation, giving you added peace of mind.

Checks and balances

With the high rates of vehicle theft and accidents escalating during the festive season, every precaution is necessary. Appreciating that some incidents are unavoidable, it is essential to have appropriate insurance covers in place, so you aren’t out of pocket. Damage to vehicles can easily cost tens of thousands of rands, and third party claims can be multiples higher.

Take the time to understand the conditions of your insurance policy and remain compliant to avoid disappointment at claim stage. Some requirements include ensuring your:

·         Vehicle alarms, trackers and other security devices are in good working condition

·         Driver’s licence and car licence disk are valid

·         Vehicle is roadworthy, and you have done the necessary pre-departure checks

·         Policy premiums are up to date.

Other musts include:

·         Padkos

·         Enough entertainment for the kids

·         Fully charged phones

·         Regular pit stops

·         Loads of fun and pics.

Safe and happy travels.



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