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Having been in business for less than two years, South African technology startup Black Beard recently opened its fourth office in Dublin, Ireland. With a presence in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, the new Dublin office (situated nearby the famed Dublin Docks) affirms Black Beard as a truly global player within technology innovation. The startup, founded by a core team of developers, builds innovative solutions within existing markets by displacing earlier technology, solutions or business models. Their clients include; Anchor Capital, Outsurance, Investec and Discovery.

“Dublin is home to one of the world’s fastest growing tech scenes, and the country also houses the European headquarters for multinational companies such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay and Goldman Sachs,” says Wayne Zwiers, Black Beard CEO and co-founder. “We can now service our European partners out of Dublin, which is an attractive gateway to the European Union.”

In addition to a rapidly expanding global footprint (the company has plans to establish an office in Eastern Europe later this year), Black Beard has just landed business with one of the major South African banks – and will partner with the bank to unlock value through its unique, value-based technology delivery model.

“Although we started out as a technology company that built tech solutions for businesses, we are now building pioneering platforms that become businesses in their own right,” explains Zwiers. “Our current focus is on building technology for markets whereby they cease to function in a regular manner – which is a scenario typically characterized by rapid market declines on a large scale.”

Some of Black Beard’s most recent projects and solutions include the Outsurance main branded site; Anchor Capital main siteDiscovery Foundation site.

“As a company that has disruptive innovation as its core focus, it is incredibly exciting to be operating in the dynamic tech hub of Dublin, with easy access to the European Union and beyond,” adds Zwiers. “Our work is pushing boundaries in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, machine learning and robotics – and operating within key global tech hubs will enable us to build groundbreaking solutions for our partners.”



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