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By Anamika Budree, Sales Manager, Branded Products at WD South Africa

Cloud storage has become a staple of the mobile, connected world. For anyone who makes use of multiple devices, the ability to centralise storage in a location that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device is essential. For many users, public cloud solutions do not offer appropriate levels of security for data, and also are typically limited in the amount of storage that can be accessed in a cost effective manner. As a result, personal cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular options. However, as the personal cloud grows, consumer demand continues to evolve, and solutions need to adapt to cater to these changing requirements. 

With content continuing to grow at an exponential rate, and the number of devices used by the average person increasing, digital content management has become a challenge for many consumers. The personal cloud combines the centralised storage and access of the cloud with the security and peace of mind of your own hard drive, making it the ideal solution in today’s connected world. However, while the personal cloud offers a centralised storage and backup solution for multiple devices, it needs to adapt to meet changing consumer requirements.

The next wave of the personal cloud will be shaped by two key trends — increased access to personal information and increased intelligence applied to the user experience and the user's information. Keeping up with these trends requires a storage Operating System (OS) tailored specifically toward the cloud and the requirements of consumers. In response to this need, WD has developed My Cloud OS 3, the next revolution in the personal cloud, with a host of new features and functionality aimed at catering to consumer demand. One of the most notable features is an intuitive user interface that delivers a rich content experience, making it simpler than ever for users to store, share and access their information from anywhere on any device. Designed to deliver a robust software ecosystem, My Cloud OS 3 makes file sharing and access management simple tasks across PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, simplifying consumers’ digital lives. 

In addition, new backup and sync capabilities utilising WD Sync enable users to backup content across all devices to the My Cloud unit, ensuring all files are always up to date and accessible on all devices. Multiple computers and notebooks can be backed up using the new OS, ensuring data is secure and available when needed. Users can also set up automatic backup for photographs on smartphones and tablets to ensure their memories are always protected and to free up scarce on-device storage space. These new features not only enhance Network Attached Storage (NAS) capability for connected computers, but also the experience of backing up photos and videos from a variety of mobile devices.

Further to these enhancements to usability and the user experience, the robust OS ensures that users retain the levels of privacy and control they have come to expect from personal cloud devices that are physically located in their home or office. Personal content is highly valuable, and the new My Cloud OS 3 offering gives users peace of mind that all of their devices are backed up and all of their content is protected and centrally available, regardless of their location or the location of their many devices. Global access to stored content is delivered through an intuitive web browser, while new apps provide access to shared folders or albums to enable friends and family to access centralised content. WD has also partnered with Plex to deliver a fully integrated solution for centralising and streaming media for the ultimate home entertainment experience.

When it comes to digital content, users today demand more – more storage capacity, more access, more ability to centralise and share, more security, and a better user experience. The personal cloud has evolved to meet this need with the launch of WD’s My Cloud OS 3, which delivers all of the features consumers need and more.



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