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What’s in a name? Well, so much. When you choose a name for your child you put a lot of time and effort into it. Once your new bundle of joy has been born you take a lot of pride in naming them and then follows the administration part. Birth certificates, identity documents and the like take a lot of time to acquire through an admin-heavy process. The same can be said for choosing your company name and then making sure you register it online.

You have to think long and hard about your company name too

You have to brainstorm and settle on a name that indicates clearly the type of business you have. Once this is established you must take your business online. It’s proven that nowadays the average consumer doesn’t trust companies who aren’t online. The internet has become the new Yellow Pages but with more information. Potential customers want to read up about your company, they want testimonials from your current customer base and they want to view the full range of your products or services. By setting up a website for your company you’re able to attend to all these needs and build trust with the public.

You have to secure your website by registering the domain with your company name

This is considered a low-cost investment in “internet real-estate”. By registering a domain with your company name as the URL you’re creating an online identity and protecting it through a secure domain. This will in turn protect your company name and your brand.

Many people tackle domain registration by themselves

But DIY domain registering can be as admin-heavy and laborious as a new parent’s plight of sorting their new little baby out. And, what if your brilliant idea for a name is an already active website?

You’re bound to need to employ a professional web designer to build your company’s website and you’ll need the assistance of professional hosting services too. So why not outsource your domain registration too? This’ll free up your time to focus on your company’s start-up strategy and leave the online admin to the professionals. Hosting companies usually offer domain registration as part of their bouquet of services and if you choose a quality service provider you’re bound to have this set up quickly and efficiently. A secure domain is the official online birth certificate of your new business.

There are many benefits to outsourcing the registration of your domain

But mainly new business owners should invest in this service because set-up becomes quick, simple and convenient.  All your data is in one space and you’ll only have to access one account to manage anything on the backend of the site. And, by employing a professional, you’ll have technical support on-hand at all times. The best hosting companies are able to offer you 24/7 support whenever you need it, wherever you are.



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