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The world’s first compliant mobile call logging solution that will enable on-the-move professionals to comply with the stringent consumer protection legislation which requires them to record all client telephonic interactions has been launched in South Africa.

Developed by CallCabinet Corporation, the new Atmos Live app - an optional enhancement to CallCabinet’s award-winning secure, Cloud-based compliant Atmos call recording solution – is the only mobile voice recorder which complies with all South African consumer protection legislation.

According to Matthew Balcomb, CEO of CallCabinet SA, anyone who takes instructions from clients over the phone - financial advisors, insurance brokers and stockbrokers for example – is required to record these client conversations in a secure manner in accordance with the requirements of such legislation as the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA).

“These professionals frequently take client calls on their mobile phones. However, prior to the development of CallCabinet Atmos Live, these calls could not be recorded in a compliant manner, leaving professional vulnerable,” he says.

“Should a dispute arise later around the content of the conversation, the professional would have no legally-sound evidence about the content of the conversation. However, there are very few professionals who can afford not to engage with clients using their mobile phones.”

Free or low-cost mobile call recording apps, most of which require the user to remember press a button in order to to record the conversation, do not produce recordings that will withstand legal scrutiny.

In addition to FAIS and FICA, CallCabinet’s voice logging solutions comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA); the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act; the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act; and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

In order to use the new mobile call logger, CallCabinet Atmos subscribers simply download the Atmos Live voice recording app to their iPhone or Android device and are assigned their unique Atmos Live number. When a client phones that number, the recorder automatically kicks into action – there is no need to remember to start recording. Similarly, recording will start automatically when the professional phones a client using the Atmos Live dialler.

“Professional are not required to have two cellphone devices – one for business and one for private use. With the unique Atmos Live number assigned to the device, only calls made to and from that number are recorded. Private calls made to the professional’s personal number on the same device are not,” Balcomb explains.

What is compliant voice logging and why is it so important?

·         It must enable the professional to keep accurate and full records of all transactions and customer interactions and to record and store verbal communications in an appropriate format for up to 10 years.

·         The (voice) data recorded must be securely encrypted, not only to comply with the legislative requirements for data security and protection, but also to provide tamper-proof records that are legally tenderable evidence if required by a court of law.

·         It must be able to offer different levels of security access, for example to restrict access to records containing credit card details to authorised personnel only.

·         It must ensure that all records remain easily accessible for inspection – which means retrievable within seven days – and be readily reducible to written or printed form.

·         It must be absolutely reliable to ensure that every call is recorded all the time, every time.



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