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  Packard-Bell Silver Verbatim GT Portable Hard Drive Seagate FreeAgent Desk External Drive Iomega 1 TB Prestige Desktop Hard Drive
Form Factor : Portable External Portable External HDD Desktop Hard Drive
Capacity: 250GB 500 GB 1.5 TB 1 500 GB 1 Terabyte
Weight: 180 g 152 grams 1 kg 0.976 kg
Dimensions: 8 x 12.6 x 1.7 cm 118 mm x 78 mm x 16 mm 33.70 x 172.00 x 175.00 mm 198.6 x 120.6 x 31 mm l x w x h
External Hard Drive Power Source: Additional USB None required Twopoint power adapter 100Vac 240Vac
Price: R1 599,00 R999,00 R1 490,00 R1 577,00
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