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Michelle Janse van VuurenTechSmart (TS): The Canon Expo will be the first time that all your consumer and select product lines of your business solutions will be on display. Why the long wait?

Michelle Janse van Vuuren (MV): At only 12 years old, Canon SA is a relatively new company in the bigger Canon family. We wanted to observe how our counterparts in other territories, such as Turkey and Dubai, have done it before taking on the task. We've now visited these and this year we decided that we are ready to bring it to South Africa.

TS: The Canon Expo must have contributed to your move to not exhibit at the Film and Photo Expo in October?

MV: Yes, that is correct. It was an internal business decision we took, since one cannot be at every show and exhibition unfortunately. The Canon Expo also allows us to exhibit more of our products, such as our large format and document solutions scanners.

TS: How many Canon products will be on display?

MV: This has not been confirmed yet, but in every one of our categories there will be at least one of the products. Every single category in the consumer imaging range for example will be represented.

TS: How much is the entrance fee?

MV: It is completely free. This is a once-a-year opportunity for people to interact with Canon directly, and the Expo builds on our free Road Show that is very successfully hosted annually.

TS: Will visitors be able to purchase when there?

MV: Yes, the consumer imaging products will be available for sale, and we will have an actual Canon warehouse storage/ sales facility there. For enquiries on the business products, leads will be taken and followed-up by the dealers.

TS: Will there be specials?

MV: There will be lots of show specials, with pricing being available on the website at the end of November.

TS: And of course all the Canon experts are there to give a hand?

MV: All our local people are onboard, and there's even a few European product managers who will also be assisting.

TS: You have also decided to incorporate the popular Canon EOS Roadshow into the Expo. Tell us more.

MV: The Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth legs of the Roadshow will happen prior to the Expo in November. The Johannesburg Roadshow will be incorporated on the Saturday morning.

TS: Have any of the speakers been confirmed?

MV: For the Roadshow (Cape Town, Durban, PE) they are Lee Slabber and Trevor Hardaker. For the Expo we have a number of worshop speakers on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday who's names will be listed on the Canon SA Expo website closer to the time.

TS: You are also running the massive SA photographic competition '11 with R150 000 worth of prizes. Can anyone enter?

MV: Yes, but pictures need to have been taken on Canon hardware. Terms and conditions for the competition are online at:

TS: Why can one only enter one photo per category?

MV: It comes down to managing the volumes of photos that needs to be judged, but also to make those who enter really think about their best shots. We want people to discuss their pictures with others and really get a conversation started before sending their entries.

TS: Lastly, what is your opinion regarding Canon's latest product announcements?

MV: I've been working at Canon now for 12 years, and when new products appear it never ceases to amaze me. For example, when the S95 compact came out, we all thought heaven came. Now the S100 is here and it's just so much better than the previous version.

For more information on the Canon South Africa Expo 2011 go to

The article was first published in TechSmart 98, November 2011.


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