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The new Core processor range has been described as “the biggest invention since the Pentium”. Why is this?

Since the Pentium days we have had the competition trying to beat us on Gigahertz and Front Side Bus. We beat them then and now we have even better performance with our discrete memory controller, onboard graphics controller and QPI (Quick Path Interconnect).

We now have an all integrated processor, Smart Cache, Integrated memory controller and graphics giving us better performance by at least 40 – 60% depending on usage case. Intel now also boasts the best performance per Watt.

With a choice between three PCs, one with an i3, one with an i5 and one with an i7, apart from price difference, what should regulate choice?

The processor is your best investment when buying any PC system – desktop or notebook. Try and buy whatever your pocket allows you to get. The simplification of i3, i5 and i7 means that it will be easier for you to make the choice. An i5 will be faster than an i3, and i7 will be faster than an i5.

On the new Core i range you have full HD graphics integrated in the processor. What type of games will one be able to play without the need for a graphics card, and can one actually expect the game to look good and not lag?

Yes – mainstream games like Trackmania are perfectly fine. Any game that runs at more than 24 frames per second on any system will be running well on a system with integrated graphics. Most mainstream games will do this.

The i5 and i7 come with turbo boost functionality? Why would one need this?

This is a built in functionality that is managed by the processor. It will give an approximate 10% increase in performance when certain conditions are met. So – if you have a system running at full 100% and conditions like temperature are met – (this is checked several times a minute in order to protect the CPU against overheating) – then you will be given a boost that will give extra performance. So now you have a controlled performance boost that will not damage the processor. If you overclock a CPU – you also get the extra performance but you lose the warranty if the CPU were to overheat.


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