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When Acer launched its Aspire U M3 back in the middle of last year, it caused a few raised eyebrows, as we pondered the larger than average ultrabook.
Now, the whole of the company’s M Series ultrabooks have received an overhaul, as Acer aims to bring the Windows 8 touch experience to mainstream users.

The new ultrabooks, which are robed in an aluminium alloy chassis for increased durability, offer 10-point touch – as expected from a Windows 8 machine – in a frameless HD display. According to the company, the latter will provide a larger viewing area for a fuller web browsing experience as well as greater multimedia enjoyment.
Staying true and flouting convention
Additionally, users can look forward to the latest Intel Core processors (the new Sandy Bridge architecture), which is complemented by a discrete graphics solution in the form of the Nvidia GeForce GT 640M GPU. This, Acer asserted will afford users both flawless streamlining of internet videos and movies, while also enabling users to play graphics-intensive games without compromise.
Despite its high performance, gaming-ready credentials, the machine will apparently remain true to the thinner and lighter ultrabook ethos, as the M Series ultrabooks will weigh in at 2.1 kg and have a 20 mm profile. This is despite the fact that, like the Aspire U M3, Acer’s newest offerings will similarly flour  convention by offering an optical drive, along with a chiclet keyboard and a numeric keypad.
Additionally, Acer’s latest will boast Acer Green Instant-On, which Acer claims enables them to be ready for action, and resume from sleep mode, in a mere 1.5 seconds. In addition, Acer Instant Connect reconnects to favourite access points in 2.5 seconds.
To the point
Most important for any mobile device though, is its battery life. On this front, the company is promising that users can count on a good eight hours worth off a single charge.

Our experience has been that Acer’s Timeline notebook’s have generally been commendable for their battery life, so if the company’s claims bear fruit, then the new ultrabooks will certainly be worth keeping a close eye on, particularly for both road warriors and gamers on the go.

While the pricing and availability is not available at present, we will update as more information becomes available.


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