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CaptureNotes 2

As its name suggests, this R8 app enables one to capture text and written note, insert audio recordings and flag them according to whether their contents are urgent, important, research related, a task or to-do item.
Users can further insert pictures, highlight key phrases in a variety of colours, while notes can be organised into different coloured binders. CaptureNotes 2 is essential for people on the go.
Expedia hotels
The newly updated and free Expedia hotels app enables one to search for great deals on hotels worldwide, as well as see and compare prevailing prices across various hotels.
Each entry is accompanied by a number of exterior and interior images. Additionally, entries further show detailed information about available amenities, the full address, hotel policies such as check in and check out times, and  most importantly, customer reviews.
SkyView 2.0
This R16 app brings astronomy within ready reach of one’s iDevice, sporting a new interface for iPads. The app displays an augmented reality view of the sky, that can be employed from any position, as celestial bodies are rendered in 3D.
The movement of the sun, moon or planets over the course of a day, while stars, and constellations can be easily identified. In app photos can also be shared via Facebook or Instagram.
Tip of the month
It’s a small setting that can make a big difference in the event of your iPad being stolen, and for several people, has not only led to their device being recovered, but tech-stupid thieves being nabbed.
The key lies in ensuring that location services is always on, with this innocuous tab found under ‘Settings’. Thus, missing iPads can be tracked and traced on a map using iOS’s ‘Find my iPad’ feature. Under the same tab you can also select, or deselect, which apps can take advantage of location based services.


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