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Clingo’s range of universal mounting devices has made its way to South Africa. The Clingo products make use of sticky pads to allow users to conveniently mount their mobile phones, GPS devices or iPods in any situation, whether in the car, on the go or working in the office.

This green mounting is capable of holding any phone or iPod and release it with no sticky residue left behind. If it gets dirty it can simply be washed without losing its ability to grip. 

One of the more popular products in the range is the universal vent mounting. This device allows the user to mount a phone on any in-car air-vent. The vent mount is easy to install and comes with a ball and socket joint with a pivoting arm. This allows different angles and views, making it easier for example to view your phone in landscape mode while driving.

The universal hands-free mount is another of Clingo’s products. With a suction cup at the back this mounting can attach to a any window or dashboard. Equipped with a multi-axis swivel, phones or iPods will always be in view for quick navigation and calls.

The vent mount retails for R188, while the universal hands-free mount goes for R288. These and other Clingo products are available from Lab88 stores. Call 011-460-8022 for more info.


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