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A new ethernet adapter that has been made available locally aims to make it easier for laymen to connect multiple devices to a home network.  

The Billion BiPAC 2075 Compact HomePlug AV 500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter plugs into wall sockets, and enables the use of existing power cabling in one’s home to create a stable network without reverting to wireless connections.

Ross Griffiths, the product manager at Nology explained that using wireless networking has often been the answer for people who do not wish to lay Ethernet cables, but asserted that speed and quality of the connection could impact bandwidth intensive applications such as gaming and video streaming. To this end, the HomePlug offered up to 500 Mbps speeds that should enable such applications to run smoothly.

He elaborated that the adapter enabled the seamless streaming of high definition media, online gaming and jitter-free VoIP calling, making it a viable alternative for users who wanted to share high-speed internet applications throughout their homes. Device setup is accomplished via plugging the adapter into a wall socket, and pressing a button.

Features of the HomePlug include a smart power saving option to reduce energy consumption, whereby the adapter could automatically revert to a sleep mode when Ethernet-based devices were powered down or disconnected. Additionally, noise-immune data transmission ensured no interruption to latency sensitive applications like multimedia or video. With a built-in customisable Quality of Service (QoS) feature, users could further ensure that the devices they specify have priority over the connection at all times.

While the HomePlug had been aimed at home users, Griffiths pointed out that it could be ideal for small and medium businesses as well. He explained that up to sixteen HomePlugs could be connected in one network, with the master device plugged in close to a router. Slave devices could then be installed wherever a connection was required. Additionally, a switch could be added, to allow for a potentially limitless number of connections, negating the need to continuously lay cables as the business grew.

The Billion BiPAC 2075 Compact HomePlug AV 500 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is available from for an RRP of R1400. 


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