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Angry Birds flock to Mars

Say what you will about the Angry Birds franchise, but Angry Birds Space at least, cannot be accused of failing to be up to date with some of this month’s most exciting news – the landing of Curiosity on Mars.

This week, the bird flinging game received yet another free update, which brings a Red Planet chapter of twenty levels to the popular title. The new update revolves around the recent news of NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

However, in Rovio’ s take on the news, the pigs have hijacked the rover in search of eggs.

This sets the stage for some bird launching action, amid exploding volcanoes and asteroid storms. Additionally, players are challenged to find three hidden rovers (rather than golden eggs), which will give them access to further bonus levels, as well as the opportunity to learn more about NASA’s missions.

The update is now available on the Apple App Store as well as on Google’s Play market. Alternatively, you can hit the video below for Rovio’s latest teaser trailer.  

WWE ‘13 to pack some real Attitude

Many of the current viewers of the WWE will not be able to remember the so-called “Attitude” era of the show, which kicked off in the mid ‘90s when Triple H and Shawn Michaels formed D-Generation X. Other events marking this golden period in the lifetime of the WWE include the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin as well as that of the self-proclaimed most electrifying man in sports entertainment - The Rock.

Gamers will have a chance to relive this era via the new Attitude Era mode, which will be available within the forthcoming WWE ‘13 title, set for release  at the end of October. WWE fans can also look forward to the ear-munching Mike Tyson entering the ring in WWE ‘13. Experience some TV déjà vu by checking out the Attitude Era trailer posted below.  

I am Alive coming to PC

Ubisoft is bringing I am Alive to the PC after all, following reports last year that the title will only be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 due to piracy concerns. The company revealed this week that its action-adventure game will be made available on 13 September for Windows PC. Gamers will be able to purchase and download this title via Ubisoft’s own digital store front Ubishop as well as Steam for £11.99 (around R160).  

As with the HD console version, I am Alive will center around a man’s journey to find his wife and daughter in the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic “Event”. The PC version boasts enhanced graphics with superior resolutions compared to its console counterparts that were available in March already.

Additionally, the PC edition also sports a new easy mode providing players with an infinite amount of retries as well as a novel replay mode, allowing gamers to revisit previous missions in order to locate more items and uncover more secrets. For a peek into the desolate world of I am Alive, view the PC announcement trailer posted below.

New Ratchet and Clank trailers revealed

While the Ratchet and Clank collection has been available locally for a little while already, Stateside it only becomes up for grabs this week.

Thus, Insomniac Games has released a new trailer for the remastered collection of the PS2 classics. The collection, which Includes Ratchet and Clank, Going Commando and Up your Arsenal, gives players who missed their outing on the PS2 and haven’t yet been charmed by the witty platforming adventures of the duo, another opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

The trailer below highlights some of the play mechanics and environments featured in each consecutive title, with some (including us) considering Up Your Arsenal to still be a masterpiece and highlight of the series.

The PS3 collection is notable for another reason, that of granting players early access to the demo of Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time, which is expected to become available for the PS3 in the months ahead. We suspect this is no coincidence, since the Sly Cooper franchise, which appeared on the PS2, is no less beloved.

For a glimpse of the games in their remastered glory, hit the trailer below.

This follows Insomniac Game’s recent reveal of its new trailer for Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault at Gamescom, the firm’s forthcoming new addition to the franchise.

The trailer of course sports the developer’s trademark sense of humour (a big part of why we enjoy the franchise so thoroughly), as well as a fuller view of some of the tower defense and battlefield exploration elements that will be part of the new title. Once you’ve packed your sense of humour, feast your eyes on the trailer below to see more.

Psychonaughts to become a PS2 classic, coming to PSN

Given the extensive library that the PS2 garnered over its long life, there are bound to be some gems that may well have been overlooked, particularly by those who began their foray into console gaming with this generation’s PS3.

Psychonaughts is one such example. However, the good news is that the well received game is set to become a PS2 classic in the near future, and thus will become downloadable on Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN). This title is based on the innovative premise of a young psychic named Raz, who yearns to become a psychic superhero (psychonaught) and thus sneaks into a training camp for gifted youngsters.

Instead, he finds himself having to delve into the minds of those at the camp to uncover, and stop a sinister conspiracy. The game’s script, which was penned by Tim Schafer and Eric Wolpaw, was lauded for its humour, while the title’s inventive levels received similar acclaim from the game’s fans.

While at present it is only the US PSN which is receiving the new classic at the end of this month, hopefully the European store isn’t too far behind.   

Focus locks down release date for upcoming Sherlock title

Focus Home Interactive has announced a release date and also unveiled four new screenshots for its upcoming adventure title, The testament of Sherlock Holmes. Amateur sleuths can mark 20 September on their calendars as this is when the game will be released in Europe (25 September Stateside) for the Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  

Unlike the popular BBC TV series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic literary character which is set in contemporary times, this game takes place during 1898 in London. Sherlock Holmes has to set about clearing his name after a mountain of evidence fingers him as the main suspect in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossings.

The four new screenshots (check the image reel above) released by Focus, provides gamers with a glimpse into the historical virtual world inhabited by the world’s most famous detective as well as his friend Doctor Watson.
Contributions by Hanleigh Daniels.


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