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Google is set to take on social networking giant Facebook with the launch of Google Buzz yesterday. This service will be integrated with Google’s Gmail e-mail service  and will enable you to post status updates, share content with friends as well as comment on friends’ posts.
According to a blog post by Todd Jackson, product manager of Gmail and Google Buzz, the search giant will role out this service to all Gmail accounts holders within the next few days. The company is also planning to allow businesses and schools that are using Google Apps, to have access to Google Buzz and some additional features that will enable these organisations to share internal news and info more effectively.
Buzz won’t need to be set up and will allow you to follow your colleagues and friends that you email and chat with the most in Gmail right from the get go. It will also allow access to other sites such as Twitter and Google Reader, so you’ll be able to follow someone on Twitter that commented on your post in Google Buzz or view full-screen photos from popular photo sites like Flickr.

Facebook won’t be taking this Google challenge lying down though, CNET news reported that the guys at the world’s most popular social networking site are working on their own Gmail rivalling e-mail system that supports POP/IMAP for its 400 million users.

Update: The latest version of Google Maps for Android now supports Google Buzz, with the Buzz software available for immediate download from the Android Market. Google Maps 4.0 with Buzz will work on any smartphone that is running on Android 1.6 and up. The new Buzz features for Google Maps will enable you to select a location to tag to your Google Buzz posts, allowing people to see Buzz posts on Google Maps. Google Maps for the iPhone also supports the new Buzz functionality.


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