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Ever wanted to know more about your emails, for instance, what is the peak time that you send or receive messages, and if you reply to your mails in a timely fashion? Well, now Gmail users are able to find the answers to these questions, courtesy of Google’s new Gmail Meter tool.

Gmail Meter is an Apps Script that runs on the first day of every month, sending out an email that contains various statistics about their Gmail Inboxes. These detailed statistics enables Gmail users to analyse their email habits and sharpen certain aspects if need be.

Included in this monthly emailed report is volume statistics that show the number of important as well as starred messages you received, emails sent, and threaded conversations users replied to etc.

Daily Traffic figures will also feature, providing users with estimates of the peak times at which they receive and send out email messages during a given month.
Traffic Pattern allows users to get an overview of their email activity over the past week, since it shows the amount of mails sent out and received.
Email Categories will inform you on how effective you are managing your Inbox. Users will be able to determine if they utilise email labels correctly to organise their messages, or if every email they receive simply goes to the Inbox.
In addition to all these, Gmail users will also receive figures about the amount of time they take to respond to emails, how long it takes others to reply to them, if they compose lengthy emails on average and how they participate in threaded conversations.

How to setup Gmail Meter

To activate Gmail Meter, you have to go to Google Docs and create a new Spreadsheet document. Next you click on “Tools, followed by “Script Gallery. In the Scrip Gallery search bar type in “Gmail Meter” and then click on “Install”. You will now see a new menu item dubbed Gmail Meter in the spreadsheet. Click on “Gmail Meter” and then “Get a Report”. For more details check out the tutorial video posted below.

In related news, Google also recently launched its Gmail SMS Chat service in South Africa, which enables Gmail users on a PC to chat with mobile phone users via SMS, for free.


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