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Earlier this year, Google announced the launching of a new service known as Google TV that would bring the best online content directly to users’ television sets. This week Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, announced that the service will be going live in the United States over the coming weeks.

Schmidt addressed a crowd at the IFA 2010 conference in Berlin where he revealed that the service would launch worldwide early next year, though no specific date was given.
Google TV was unveiled at the company's developer conference in May this year. Schmidt said the service will be free and that the majority of the content would be produced by established TV studios and production houses.
"We will work with content providers, but it is very unlikely that Google will get into actual content production," said Schmidt.
Sony and Logitech has already signed on to support and embed Google TV in their new products, with Samsung rumoured to be in negotiations with Google. The software will still however be compatible with an existing setup.
It was also revealed that the Android app store will be added to Google TV and that users will be able to use their Android-powered smartphones or Apple iPhone as a remote control for Google TV.
With Google TV users' will be greeted by a Google search bar when they turn on their TV. Then it's simply a matter of typing in what they want to see and leaving it to Google to find it, what can be simpler?


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